Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs is slowly becoming a moneymaker to bloggers. Companies have found affiliate programs to be a sure way to win clients, and at the same time promote their products. Affiliate marketing agencies continue to increase, with various companies also introducing their affiliate programs. Such developments have expanded the options at bloggers’ disposal, with many and better affiliate marketing coming into the equation. You have no excuse anymore why your blog is not making you a substantial income. The affiliate marketers have infiltrated almost all areas, ranging from eCommerce, social marketing, SEO services, travel agencies, and banking institutions that offer personal loans and other insurance services.

Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

This article brings together some of the market leaders’ affiliate marketing programs for beginners, and it will help you to choose one that will help you to make money online. It is also correct to note that these are said to be the best affiliate marketing programs in the market currently

Amazon associates

Amazon associates

Amazon Associates is one of the best affiliate marketing programs around the globe, with a constant increase in growth. The platform has an affiliate program known as amazon associates.


As a blogger, you can sign up for amazon affiliate links that can earn you money when people buy products through links directed from your blog.  The commission rates range from 1 to 10%, depending on the product category accessed.

Once your commission accumulates, Amazon pays through direct bank deposit or Amazon gift card. Amazon’s affiliate program’s operation solely depends on an advertising fee structure.

The more products sold and shipped through your affiliate links, the more you earn. The affiliate program follows easy steps of merely signing up and gaining access to a range of products you can promote.


Ultimate Bundles affiliate marketing

Ultimate Bundles affiliate

Ultimate Bundles is another best affiliate marketing programs company. It offers affiliate marketing programs to help you make extra income as a blogger. From the name itself, the site has a bundle of courses and books at a discounted amount.

The site provides the content of high value with the freedom of choice either to promote their products or not. If you have built up a mailing list as a blogger, then ultimate bundles should be at the top of your list of affiliate programs.

All you have to do is send out an email to your website visitors with the latest offers. Your members will get high-value products at low prices as you accumulate your commission through sales


Share asale

Share asaleShareAsale is another affiliate marketing agency to help bloggers gain extra cash trough commissions. The program is a pretty easy one and favorable to new bloggers.

The program aims to develop various businesses with an extensive marketing network. It also has partners in its affiliate program, including Picmonkey, Studio Press, Grammarly, and even Groodealz.

If you want to sign up with Shareasale, you have approximately 2500 affiliate marketing options you can choose from and earn some extra coins.

You can make money through

  • Pay-per-sale
  • Pay-per-click
  • Pay-for-lead

To join the team, you need to go through a five-step process which includes

                  1. Signing up
                  2. Choosing your preferable affiliate marketing program
                  3. Wait to receive a referral link incorporated into your website


Flex offers

Flex offersFlex offers is one of the reputable organizations that have a range of affiliate programs that a blogger can earn money from.

The program has a list of partners ranging from Macey’s, Lyft, Taylor, and Intercontinental Hotel Group and Shoe Carnival.

The advantage with these affiliate programs is that it has an easy to navigate and well-designed platform to help a user navigate easily. The best way to earn money includes cost per sale, cost per action, cost per clicks, and cost per lead.

Flex offers’ payment schedule happens in two ways on a monthly and weekly basis.  You can also earn some revenue when you refer numerous publishers to the site.

cj com (Commission Junction) affiliate program

cj comCommission Junction stands out as one of the oldest and established affiliate marketing agencies around the globe with 20 years of experience in the affiliate business.

Its popularity helps them attract a range of top advertisers. When using for affiliate marketing, the rates vary depending on the vendor.

Commission junction incorporates niches from all over the place, be it digital or physical products, including big brands.  It basically acts as a marketplace rather than a retailer.

Impact Radius

Impact radius, similar to other affiliate marketing programs for bloggers, offers opportunities for bloggers to earn extra income.

Impact RadiusThe program covers publishers of all ranges, from include magazines to individual bloggers. The platform provides an easy way to navigate and use.

Additionally, the program has sub-affiliate programs that one can use as affiliate links. Shopstyle and Skimlinks are some of the programs that a blogger can manually enter as affiliate programs. Consistent addition of the links to your website turns them into affiliate links with time.

Impact Radius pays through different means but majorly through pays per click.

Travel Payouts

Travel Payouts
If you are a travel website holder or blogger, Travel Payouts is the best affiliate program for you. The agency works both for travel and personal bloggers whose content entails flights, tours, hotels, and other travel-related activities.

The affiliate program has a variety of advertisers that bloggers can utilize to monetize their blogs. Issues such as AirBnB, Trainline,, and provide great ways to earn revenue through Travel Payouts.

The program requires you to sign up and start pointing travel related links advertisers directly. The platform has a well-designed site with a section for offers in-store that once can comfortably choose.

Do not forget to add your blog’s details and apply for each offer with various brands.


This is a global affiliate marketing network fit for any blog. With AWIN, it is easy to find affiliate programs within your niche.

Awin affiliateThe program is one of the fast-growing agencies with new members joining them daily. It is easy to use platform that offers a unique user an easy way to choose and manage a campaign of choice.  All it needs is a blogger to download it and manually add links of affiliate campaigns that interest them.

One advantage of the program is its real-time tracking feature with onsite technical support. AWIN has no specific payment scheme, but it pays its clients consistently.

It also professionally handles its clients since each new member has an affiliate representative for a specific company.

Sign up today, build a business relationship with them, start directing traffic to, and watch out for payouts.


This affiliate program is on the educational niche where clients broadcast live classes to an audience international basis.

CreativeLive began operation in 2010 but has managed to garner more than two billion companies from all over the world. The categories include photography, videography, arts and design, crafts, financial issues, and other life-related lessons.

The program has divided its categories into sub-categories, making it easier for users to find the specific lesson they are looking for. The affiliate marketing programs offer a 20% commission for any new customer purchase and 10% for every returning client together with a dollar for new registrations.  Registration requires no fees, and affiliates can join from any country that supports such services. The program has no limit on the number of links on your blog.

Udemy affiliate


Udemy is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs that bloggers around the globe utilize to earn money. It comes with over 100 subcategories to choose from.

The program is one of the largest online learning platforms for both adults and students. Udemy has about 30 million students that teach courses in more than 50 languages.

With such numerous course enrollments, the platform turns out as the best option for individuals with educational blogs with its affiliate networks.

Udemy offers 15% commission rates with a direct bank deposit payment once one reaches $50. Members of the affiliate program get paid for purchases made through their links.

Nature of Commission: You’ll earn payouts for valid purchases through your affiliate tracking links and banners. The more you promote, the more you’ll receive (with no caps on commissions).

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Among the top affiliate programs with millions of users, Survey Junkie is one of them. Through the platform, users can quickly accumulate rewards by taking part in surveys from top brands around the globe.

The commission earned through being a Survey Junkie affiliate happens when you drive traffic to your blog.

Surveys offered by survey junkie can require from one to 20 minutes of one’s time in which you get awarded between 10 to 90 points. If you gain 100 survey junkie points, you earn a $1 commission.

Survey Junkie pays via PayPal or a gift card. The process starts with a signup process. Every new user from your affiliate link earns you $1.50.

Shopify affiliate program

Shopify affiliateAnother affiliate marketing agency to earn you money is a blogger is through Shopify. This is an e-commerce organization based in Canada with both physical and online retail stores.

The commerce platform allows individuals to grow and manage businesses. For every new user who signs up for the paid plan option, you earn $58 commission through the program’s referral link.

Shopify’s payment scheme is via PayPal within the month. The self-hosted platform has tracking software with a partner dashboard where members manage their affiliate details and track campaigns.

With referral links for new users, you can quickly move from the trial platform to the paid plan.

Dreamhost affiliate marketing

Dreamhost gets ranked as the best web hosting services provider around the globe. The website has a stellar affiliate program with payments depending on the plan you choose and the number of customers visiting Dreamhost through your blog.Dreamhost

Dreamhost’s commission rates range from $15 to $200 depending on the plan customers referred through your blog choose.

The affiliate program pays through PayPal within 97 days. It also has a team of affiliate staff to offer support to their customers.

Join up for free, which takes a few minutes, and choose the best affiliate programs for your blog. The program has no limits on the amount you can earn.

Bluehost affiliate marketing Service


Bluehost is among the best web hosting around the globe, with over two million domains. It is also one of the highest paying affiliate marketing agencies have spent over $5 million on commissions.

Bloggers looking for ways to make money through passive income via blogging can take up Bluehost as a host.

The affiliate programs fetch you $65; however, the rate varies depending on the number of sign ups. Payments are made through PayPal within 60 days after a sale. However, you will need at least $100 for refunds to be processed.

One advantage of Bluehost apart from a free sign up is a developed tracking feature that members use to keep track of their referrals.


For bloggers with education-related niches, teachable is an excellent source of income via affiliate programs. The affiliate marketing agency gives online teachers to host and sell courses. It is an excellent choice for those considering affiliate marketing for the first time.

Teachable has a 30% recurring commission for every lifetime referral paid every month via PayPal. Once a customer sticks around hosting or selling the courses on the platform, you earn a commission.

New users get access to numerous resources and tools to get them easily set-up.

Advantages of the affiliate agencies

  • Free joining
  • Easy use and navigation
  • Availability of Teachable conversion-optimized funnels to help drive referrals.

However, referred guests must stay for more than 30 days to make you eligible for payment.


As a blogger, you can also sign up with Instapage for affiliate marketing and get extra cash through your blog.

Instapage is a landing page builder that eCommerce entities can utilize on a global scale. With Instapage, you can create spectacular landing pages for various products and services offered through your blog.

Landing pages are an easy way to drive traffic to your website. Instapage’s affiliate program offers a blogger an opportunity to earn extra income, mainly when your website visitors include eCommerce business vendors.

A blogger garners a 50% commission rate for the first time and 30% on a lifetime plan. Payment happens within one week of receiving funds.

Join the Instapage affiliate program for free and enjoy extra cash through your blog.

Adobe Affiliate Program

Adobe is a company that offers a collection of creative suite software and multimedia products. The multinational organization generates approximately $9 billion through its products such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, among others.

With such revenue capacity, you should consider Adobe’s affiliate program as a blogger.

You can promote its products through your blog, earn some commissions, and get direct bank deposits to your account.

Commission structure involves monthly, yearly, and single purchase earnings. Setting up your blog for the Adobe affiliate program is a bit complex. However, the program has a support system where you can ask for help in case you need it.


As a blogger, you can add value to your blog for your visitors, such as job opportunities offered by various companies that someone can apply.

Job seekers around the globe get attracted to any website that gives them updates on the availability of jobs, either freelance or employment-based. That website can be your blog.

If you have such thoughts in mind, consider SolidGigs as an affiliate program for you. The affiliate marketing program offers you as blogger 2% freelance jobs every week. With such positions, adverts give you income opportunities with a 35% commission rate. Payments depend on your cost per sale via your PayPal account. New customer referrals get you accumulated cash through the affiliate programs for payouts.


Among other high rated affiliate program agencies, Bonsai is one of them. Bonsai deals with individuals who provide online business management software for various freelancers.

Freelancers looking to streamline project management are some of the customers you can hook up with for your blog.

With Bonsai’s affiliate program, you can earn through cash bonuses, exclusive discounts and increased payouts.

Each paid subscription sign up gives you a 25% commission as a blogger paid directly via PayPal or through direct bank deposit.

The program has a smooth sign up process followed by your journey to affiliate marketing. For the first 12 months of a paid plan referral, you get a monthly commission. The commission rates vary depending on the type of plan someone chooses.


Contena is another site that offers freelance job opportunities for training academies. The site provides a subscription-based service with high-quality freelance job listings and guides.

Contena combines training, tools, and coaching and job boards, offering resources to various freelance writers.

Your blog’s visitors who purchase Contena membership through the affiliate partner program offer you up to $200. However, the rates vary depending on the plan chosen and products.

Payment happens through PayPal through cost per sale. The program’s sign up application is easy to use and once you sign up, you wait for feedback for you to start the process.

Semrush affiliate program

Affiliate marketing services offered by SEMrush are great and assist bloggers to grow their online business. SEMrush is an SEO tool source for online businesses and marketers to find out keyword researches. It is also an engine optimization and tracking.

SEMrush’s tools get high recommendations to help bloggers and website owners to rank their sites better through keywords.

Affiliate program options favor bloggers since they can as well rank their websites in the process of earning some revenue.

SEMrush’s affiliate commission rate stands at 40% payable via PayPal or direct bank transfer twice every month. The program has three sales plans, namely Pro, Guru, and Business. It also has promo materials translated in about seven languages.

The commission entails revenue sharing where you, as the affiliate, promote the agency (SEMrush) and get some cash in exchange. You will need to have accumulated a minimum of $50 to get paid. could be termed as Amazon’s most significant competition. It is among the few online retail stores in the business sphere. gathers around 31 million visitors every month, indicating a strong customer base.

As ridiculous as that may sound, they are one of the few online retailers who are competing with Amazon in a business model that’s similar to Amazon. Considering that sells almost everything they have on sale, the agency has an affiliate marketing program through LinkShare. However, the commission is quite low since it is at 2.5% for public commission rates.

If you are a blogger in the beauty and fashion niche, is the best affiliate program for your site.


ViglinkOne of the best innovative platforms that bloggers can get engaged with to get monetized is Viglink. All Viglink does is to scan your blog’s content for any products mentions, and later changes the product into an affiliate marketing link.

Once your readers click on the affiliate link, you get some revenue once they buy. One a person clicks on a link about a given product, Viglik directly sends them to the best merchant, offering them the best customer experience and gets to get the bog best commission.

As a new blogger, you should try Viglink’s affiliate marketing options and get your blog monetized.

Siteground affiliate

Siteground affiliateSiteground is another company providing web hosting services for bloggers. Apart from web hosting, Siteground has an affiliate marketing program that can earn you $50 on the lower side.

The company depends solely on sales made; the more sales you make through referrals, the more you earn.

One in every five successful sales made with Siteground’s affiliate program gets a refund. The agency’s payment schedule happens after 90 days.

Siteground is best known for providing quality service to its clients. It has an easy to use affiliate section with a support option to ask for help if needed. You do not need to be a Siteground customer to join their affiliate program.

eBay Partner Network

eBay is one of the largest eCommerce companies operating on a global scale and offers great Affiliate marketing support. If you have a blog meant for selling products, eBay is an excellent option for an affiliate program partner network.

ebay Partner NetworkThrough the partner program, you get 50% of the revenue generated through purchases made via your blog

You simply earn commission by directing traffic to eBay and promoting sales across the globe.

How do I sign up for ebay affiliate program: It is easy to sign up to join eBay affiliate network. Signing up for eBay’s affiliate program and in-house marketing program, choose out a wide range of revenue channels and gain revenue with your blog.


When it comes to referral marketing, click4kash stands out as the best based on its services. Over the years, the company’s transparency, its willingness to payout without delay has earned it high trust among bloggers.

Head to click4kash and learn how you can get paid to share your special referral link.


Where can I start? Ezoic is a good place to start making money:

Web Hosting Services Affiliate marketing programs

InMotion Upto $120 per sign up
iPage $20- $150 per sign up
HostGator $65-$125 per sign up
Digital Ocean From $20 upward per sign up
Liquidweb Upto $150 per sign up
A2 Hosting From $5 – $125 per sale
Kinsta From $50- $500 per sign up
AWS $5 upward per sign up
Bluehost Earn $65 for each successful sign up
WPEngine $5 upward per sign up
SiteGround From $50 upward per sign up
Hostwinds From $65 to $150 per sign up
Cloudways From $50 upward per sale
Namecheap $2 upward per successful referral


Email marketing tools Affiliate marketing programs

Email marketing tools affiliate Commission Range
MailerLite 30% from every sale
ActiveCampaign 4% to 20% commission
AWeber recurring 30% commission
Hello Bar 30% commissions on all sign ups
HubSpot $100 upto $1000
GetResponse 33% of every referral or $100 for each new sale
Mailchimp 5% and 30% commission rate
Zoho Campaigns 15% of the revenue
Mailigen 30% lifetime commission for each referral
Omnisend up to 300% one-time commissions
Klaviyo 5% of successful referral
Hunter 30% commission on the revenues generated from the referred users


SEO Tools Affiliate marketing programs

SEMrush $200 for every SEMrush subscription sale and $10 for every new lead.
AnswerThePublic 30% recurring commission
KWFinder 30% in lifetime affiliate commissions
Jaaxy $20 to $250 in monthly recurring commissions
ClickMagick 35% recurring commissions which are paid out daily
Clicktool Paid per click (Cannot quantify)
  • 20% Lifetime Commissions for Every Deal
  • 10% for 5 clients
  • 15% for 10 clients
  • 20% for 20 clients
  • 25% for 30 clients
ClickFunnels 40% recurring commission, paid 45 days after the “cooling off” period
Kartra 40% life of every sale, and recurring payment generated by your referrals
GetResponse 33% of every referral or $100 for each new sale you refer

Ecommerce Affiliate marketing programs

Ecommerce affiliate programs Commission Range
Amazon associate up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases
eBay affiliate upto 4% of the item sale price
  • Computers and video games = 0
  • Other electronics = 1%
  • Mobile Phones = Flat $5
  • Fitness Gear = 7%
    All depends on a successful sale
Alibaba $7 per lead
Shopify $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan
& Other Stories
Adidas 7% of the purchase amount
American Apparel
Anthropologie 6% commission on net sales
Bloomingdales 2% of the sale upward
Clarks 7%
Eddie Bauer
Fanatics 10% depending on the Partner type
Frank & Oak 5% commission on repeat customer orders* $10 commission per Style Plan sign-up
Free People From 0.5% upward (Many offers available)
GameStop  5% offers 5% commissions on all goods
Hudson’s Bay 5% commission on qualified sales
Keds 4% on qualified sales
Macy’s 6% commission rate for qualified orders (10-day Cookie for return visitors)


6% commission per sale generated
Mr. Porter 6% commission on net sales
Net-a-Porter 6% commission on net sales
New Balance 4% per sale
Nike 11% commission on valid sales
Nordstrom 2% and 20% per sale
Pretty Little Thing 10% commission on every sale generated
Puma 9.5% commission on the sale value
Revolve 5% commission on all orders made from your readers clicking
River Island 5% commission on all confirmed sales
Saucony 7% baseline commission fee on all orders
SportChek 6% per sale
Ssense 5% to 7% commission on all confirmed sales
The Real Real  5% commission for the sale, or 7% commission if the purchaser is new to The RealReal
TK Maxx Depends on purchase
Toms 3% commission on the entire sale
Topshop up to 8% commission as an affiliate
True Religion 3% for coupon and deal sites and up to 8% for loyalty partners
Under Armour 5% commission and a 30-day cookie for all orders
Urban Outfitters 5% commission
Vans 6% and 10% commission
Vestiaire Collective 10% commission on net sales (15 day cookie window.)
Whistles 10% commission on sales
Zappos 7% in Sales Commission

Advertising network Affiliate marketing programs

Affiliate program agencies Commission Range
Affpaying 25% commission on each sale
Affbank From 0.5% upward (Huge number of affiliate commissions)
Impact Partnership Cloud From 0.1% upward (Huge number of affiliate commissions)
FlexOffers 50% per successful referral
Rakuten Marketing From 0.1% upward (Huge number of affiliate commissions)
CJ Affiliate From 0.5% upward (Huge number of affiliate commissions)
MaxBounty 5% referral fee on the commission
ShareASale $15 commission per sale
Amazon Associates 10% in associate commissions
WarriorPlus 40% per sale
JVZoo 50% Commissions From every single Sale
ClickBank 1% to 75% EVERY Single Sale
RewardStyle 7–20% of the total retail purchase
VigLink 3% to 7% Commission on some sales;
awin affiliate $30 when the referred publisher and $5 signup fee

Job websites Affiliate marketing programs

Job websites Commission Range
Vacancy Open 40% commission
Appcast 25% commission
AppJobs Affiliate 40% commission from the AppJobs Affiliate link when a user registers for a job ad.
Indeed Affiliate
ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program 35% commission payout
Monster Affiliate Program Up to 30% commission for all new purchases
Job Coin $20 when a job post originates from your site via the JobCoin widget
Juju Affiliate 10% commission when orders are placed using their unique code
UX Jobs Board Affiliate 20% of any job posting!
Career Key Affiliate Program 25% on Every Sale
Yazing $7 per Sale $30 for every new premium member
ResumeRobin Affiliate Program 15% – 50% per sale
Purejobs 25% commission per resume sale


Forex trading Affiliate marketing programs

Forex trading affiliate programs Commission Range
VT Markets 6% Commission
PaxForex 10% from their earned commission
AxiAffiliates $400 per client going up to $700 per client for gold level referrer
Global Prime Partners $400 CPA
TeleTrade 10% of the spread on transactions of attracted client
Vantage FX $800 commission per account
Moneta Markets $10 to $50 CPA
BlackBull Affiliates $600 per referral
PrimeXBT  70% of all trading fees paid
FXORO Affiliates Up to $1000
AMarkets 40% to 60% of the Company’s income from referred clients’ trading volume.
iTrader Affiliates
Key Way Affiliates
XTB Affiliates From 10%, depending on revenue referred
ETX Affiliates 20% and 40%, depending on revenue referred
NordFX 2-3,5% on the invested amount to investment funds
FXFair Affiliates up to $15 quote currency per lot traded by your client
ForexMart 50% revenue share
forexAffiliate 25% Conversion
IronAffiliates Up to $600 CPA
FXTM Partners
HotForex Partners $15 per lot
Xtrade Affiliates up to 35% revenue share
Fortrade Affiliates
IQ Option Up to $1000 CPA
Pepperstone Partners up to $1,200 per client acquisition
LiteForex up to $15 per trade conducted by a referral as well as 10% of your sub-partner’s profits
Forex Tester 3  up to 60%
+500Affiliates 10% of their monthly commissions
Avapartner  10% sub commission
TopFxPro Up to 10% commission
Tradeo Partners 20% on the sale of any of our tools or 5% on per sale
OctaFX $1 per 1 standard lot
eToro Partners 25% revenue share is paid for those referring brokers to the program
HY Affiliates 5% for level 2, 3% for level 3 and 1% for level 4
IG Markets
FXGiants Affiliates up to $1500 dollars per referral
  • 1st level. 35% of the Company’s revenue. Direct clients.
  • 2nd level. 20% of sub-partners’ commission.
  • 3rd level. 15% of sub-partners’ commission.
  • 4th level. 12,5% of sub-partners’ commission.
  • 5th level. 10% of sub-partners’ commission
Alvexo Partners $500 per 0 – 5 successful referrals in a month, $550 for 6 – 10 referrals, or $600 for over 10 successful referrals per month
FP Markets Up to $800 CPA for Affiliates
Axes Affiliates 5% standard commission rate
Libertex Affiliates 5% of each referral
ExpertOption 5% Webmaster commission for the lifetime
Binary Options Affiliates up to 45% in commission based on the total net revenue generated by your client
AnyOption Partners
Core Spreads Partners


Have I made you believe you can make money online? Feel positive and reach out to the best platforms and pitch your idea to get quality Affiliate Marketing Programs that will earn you good money. I advise everyone to engage affiliate marketing agencies well since your traffic and blog performance is vital. If you have high traffic, reach out to the companies directly and not through third party advertisers. For those with traffic less than 50k page views per month, try to go through third parties to maximize on your benefits.