AOJ Online Jobs Review

AOJ Online Jobs Review will assist you to make a decision on what this website offers. Today’s employment landscape is constantly changing, which is why you may be looking for AOJ work from home as an alternative way to make money. You may be looking for a part-time job or to start working from home. Working from home offers the freedom you will never experience from the 9 to 5 job that you probably hate. However, the problem is identifying a legitimate job-site. AOJ work from home jobs seem convincing to everyone and an easy way to stable income.


Are AOJ Online Jobs Review LEGIT or SCAM?

Legit or scamThousands of websites are available that will be promising to help you make money online. Unfortunately, most turn out to be a scam, and others are a complete waste of time.

American Online Job, commonly known as AOJ, is one of the sites claiming to offer people opportunities to work from home. It is the reason we have taken it upon ourselves to review this site and determine whether it is a legit portal.



What is AOJ

It is a portal that was established in 2018 that promises people endless opportunities for making money from home. For someone that has been searching for online jobs, you must have come across it. The main site is Its other clone websites include;

If you wonder why one company could be operating under so many names, you should know that all of them function the same way. You should take the time to read this review because it will help determine whether you should go ahead and sign up. Better safe than sorry, right?

If you have already visited any of their websites, you must have become suspicious about the company; otherwise, you would not be reading this. This is a good indicator that you are careful and cannot be easily tricked by the multitude of scamming websites available today.

We shall look at some of the red flags that we have identified about this site.


No company information

AOJ lures people to sign up by promoting the message of offering quick money. Unfortunately, all their websites do not provide sufficient information about how to make this happen. Even the company information, such as the contact detail or an “About Us,” is not available on their website. These details are usually found on the home page of any company website. Such information is readily available in other legitimate companies, which is the reason it is odd for AOJ not to have it.

Does not have a Proper SSL Certificate

AOJ Online Jobs Review SSL

When you click on the AOJ sites, it indicates “not secure” on the website URL. It is because the website does not have an update secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. Without it, the connection is not secure, which makes the site visitors vulnerable to viruses. Therefore, this alarming notification casts doubt on the credibility of this site. The site has been operational for two years, which is sufficient time for them to have acquired an SSL certificate.

The Pre-Screening Questions are Alarming

Once you click the AOJ sites, it opens up a page with a series of questions. The logic is that you must fill the questionnaire before proceeding to apply for the earning opportunities. While such questions may be necessary to identify an applicant’s skills, the ones on this questionnaire do not appear to fulfill such an important intention. They are just for presentation. I firmly believe they have placed them there to make the website look credible.

It is not even possible to answer all the questions. Once you tick on one question, ticking on the next removes the first tick. Therefore, you can only check on one question and still go ahead and apply. With a legit website, this should not happen.

You should not be able to proceed with the second step without completing the questionnaire appropriately. It is a big red flag when this happens, because it indicates that the websites is not professionally made.

Weird Content on Step 2

When you are a first-time guest on the AOJ website, you might be a little hopeful that the second step would assure you of the website’s legitimacy. Unfortunately, this step ends up adding to your doubts. We already discussed Step 1, and now we explore what is wrong in Step 2.

You would be expecting for the second page to consist of job postings that you can apply. Instead, the information instructs you to register multiple accounts to carry out surveys for various companies. They claim that after completing the surveys, you may get paid to participate in focus groups. At this point, it is when you realize that the work-from-home jobs that were promised are a sham.

Inadequate Member Training

At the bottom of the second page, you will find a button that is supposed to direct you to the training site. The training site allows you to register with your email and name, and then you get access to referral marketing training videos. This also confirms that the jobs that were promised will not be forthcoming.

To make matters worse, the videos are of little value, even for someone that was looking to learn about referral marketing. They would have to access more valuable videos from researching on their own than rely on what has been provided. This further proves that AOJ is a scam.


Multiple Websites

We stated earlier that AOJ operates under multiple websites. It is unusual for a legit company to have more than one website. However, for AOJ, it operates under four websites, which confirms my perception of it as a scam.

How aoj online jobs Work

 Since we are doing a review of this site, we might as well go ahead and disclose details of how it works and compare it to how a legit online job sites work.

AOJ is supposed to offer jobs that one can complete from the comfort of their home, but the truth is there are no jobs that are ever listed on the site. Instead, the websites have links to get-paid-to sites and survey sites. Therefore, the site is about affiliate marketing but is continually portrayed as an online job site. The following is the list of the survey sites:

                  • My Survey: This mostly appears when you search aoj data entry. Strong investigation into the opportunities offered is key to finding a legit job from AOJ.
                  • Opinion Outpost
                  • LifePoints
                  • Toluna
                  • E-poll
                  • Pinecone Research
                  • Opinion City
                  • Survey Voices

AOJ has focused on operating in deception. Unlike other sites that are upfront with what they offer, AOJ is tricking people into affiliate marketing other than providing them online jobs they are promising. It is not that affiliate marketing is a problem, but they should be honest about the earning opportunity they are providing.

We mentioned earlier that the AOJ site has training videos for the members. These videos offer training about promoting get-paid-sites and survey sites. Although these videos do not offer adequate knowledge in affiliate marketing, it is important we summarize the key aspects that are discussed in every lesson.


Lessons about work from home jobs

Lesson 1 about AOJ Online Jobs Review 

This is an analysis of video that introduces the marketing training, and also included a brief discussion on the success stories AOJ work from home jobs provide.

Lesson 2 AOJ Online Jobs Review 

AOJ focuses on Facebook ads. While it can be an important video to learn a useful skill, it promotes the use of misleading headlines and words. The other negative thing it teaches members is about posting fake work from home jobs. It is how they market their site on these social platforms. Ironically, AOJ Online Jobs Review claims to help people make money, yet a member would have to spend on Facebook ads. However, a member should pick what is helpful from the video, which they can apply somewhere else, and leave the rest.

Lesson 3 AOJ Online Jobs Review 

AOJ Online Jobs Review video encourages the member to start doing referral marketing, and even suggests for them to post on Craigslist. The video is short, which leaves a lot of questions answered about their work from home jobs. A member would also have to bear the costs. Posting an ad of Craigslist might cost you between $10-40.  The video also provides other instructions. One of them is that the ad should have a great title. However, it does not provide an example that members can easily follow.

Lesson 4 AOJ Online Jobs Review 

The video offers very shallow information concerning referral marketing and work from home jobs. At this point, the member can earn, if they manage to identify some leads.

Lesson 5 AOJ Online Jobs Review 

it teaches how one can gain more leads using YouTube. Similarly to Facebook and Craigslist ads, one has to spend money to promote the content which is not work from home jobs. The explanation that the video presents does not offer in-depth information. Instead, it has a link that directs one to a training website that you are needed to pay $12.22 for a course named YouTube for Beginners.

Lesson 6 about work from home jobs

AOJ work from home jobs is all fake, and just about Instagram marketing. This one is not a video, but instead, they have provided a link to a website that discusses the topic. The article is expected to teach a member how to make money using this social platform.

Lesson 7 AOJ Online Jobs Review

It focuses on marketing on Pinterest. There is a link to an article on a third-party website that discusses this form of marketing. There is also another link for another website that demonstrates how one can make decent earnings through Pinterest.

Lesson 8 AOJ Online Jobs Review 

It introduces an email marketing software know as GetResponse. It is free for the first month only, after which the user will be paying $15 monthly. This software operates as an auto-responder for your emails. However, It is a tool that can only be used when the traffic to the website increases.

Lesson 9 AOJ work from home jobs review 

AOJ work from home jobs lesson teaches about creating a marketing website which you are expected to use in promoting AOJ Online Jobs Review website. The video provide information on where you can set up the website but no guarantee of work from home jobs.

Lesson 10 Online Jobs Review – work from home jobs 

It is about how you will use the website to promote AOJ as a provider for work from home jobs, which is not the trust picture of what they offer.


Fake Job Listings

The fake job listings that are advertised by AOJ Online Jobs Review confirms that it is not a site that can be trusted. They post job ads on other job-search websites, and these jobs do not exist. For instance, the job ad below by AOJ was posted on the Career Builder website.

As you can observe from the advert, AOJ Online Jobs Review pretends to offer an administrative assistant position that pays between $19-$26/hour. These fake job ads are how it entices unsuspecting individuals. The site ends up making money off people when they carry out the surveys because it earns referral commissions for the survey sites. And the individual ends up spending time carrying out multiple surveys and earning peanuts.

The other job-search sites where you can find these fake AOJ adverts is on The common jobs ads that they post are:

  • Customer service
  • Call center
  • Data entry
  • Product reviewer

Is Making money possible on AOJ

You will not get the work from home jobs you had expected with AOJ Online Jobs Review, but you can make some money by completing the surveys or through referrals. The two earning methods are not easy, and they both have their advantage and their downsides. Therefore we will offer detailed information on the two earning methods so that you will be informed.

Survey jobs

You should know that although this is a legit way of making money, you will not get rich by completing online surveys from AOJ Online Jobs Review  website, but you can make some extra cash. The benefits of completing surveys is that anyone can do them because they do not require a specific skill, and it is a flexible way to earn.

Earlier, we disclosed that after completing Step 1 on the AOJ Online Jobs Review website, you will proceed to the step where you should complete a number of provided surveys. These surveys offer the companies the information they need about the market or the goods or services they provide.

If yo choose to participate in the AOJ Online Jobs Review , the amount of money you will earn will depend on the time you are going to invest in the surveys. The other factor that will determine your earning level is the data you are willing to provide. Some of the surveys will require various personal details. Some of this information is health history, address, home ownership, among others.

If you are a person who already has a stable job, spends lots of time online, and is looking to make some money on the side, then the AOJ surveys might work out for you. Instead of spending all of your free time on social platforms, you can spend it more wisely by completing surveys.

Completing surveys has its drawbacks. Firstly, it is not a dependable source of income. As mentioned earlier, the earnings are small, an average of $1-$2/hour. Although many bloggers may describe it as a lucrative way to earn, that is far from the truth.

The other possible drawback of AOJ Online Jobs Review  is that you might lose more than what you gain. This is because you might have to spend money on subscriptions. Therefore, you should be careful when trying to earn through surveys.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a method of earning by promoting other companies. You earn a commission when the people that you have referred also sign up into the website. We explained earlier that AOJ Online Jobs Review offers resources to train members about affiliate marketing. These learning materials include how to create social media ads through which they can market the AOJ website.

The profit potential in referral marketing is greater than completing surveys. This is because all you need is to get people interested in signing up on the website. The more you bring, the higher your earnings. However, it is a skill that requires adequate training and tools for one to succeed. It will take effort, time, and persistence to earn a decent income from this.

AOJ Online Jobs Review Affiliate Marketing from 

When people click on the link that you have provided through the advert, they are directed to the AOJ Online Jobs Review portal, they sign up, complete the surveys, you earn your commissions, and the cycle continues. The amount that you are going to make through affiliate marketing will depend on your effort.

For some people, it may take three months before they can make a dollar through referral marketing. Therefore, only a committed individual that wants to succeed in affiliate marketing would have the patience to continue perfecting their skill even when they are not earning. Those that are experienced earn even up to six figures in a year.


AOJ Online Jobs Review work from home reviews: Verdict

There are various elements of the American Online Job portal that are a disappointment. It is unethical for owners to create a website that promises to offer job opportunities but does not do so. Instead, it takes advantage of the members. In a country where employment can be hard to find, AOJ work from home jobs adds to the frustrations of the unemployed people by posting fake job adverts on career-search websites.

This site’s objective is to rake in commissions that come through when a new member completes the surveys. Therefore, AOJ Online Jobs Review website qualifies to be called a scam. Even for those that want to engage in affiliate marketing, it fails to offer enough training materials. This shows that individuals seeking online jobs should be very cautious about the sites they are using to search for work.