What are the Best Affiliate Programs in 2022

Affiliate programs are marketing campaigns run by a company or brand. This method rewards affiliates for the sales generated for the company and is a great side hustle. Affiliates generate profit through various marketing campaigns. Social media influencers and bloggers earn online by directing their followers to the products offered by these brands.

Almost every business is offering affiliate programs to increase brand exposure organic traffic and to build trustworthiness. Results are the main focus of an affiliate. Below we shall discuss some terrific affiliate marketing platforms for newbies and expert affiliates. These are excellent platforms to generate the best results out of any campaign.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the most successful affiliate marketing platforms. Affiliates must abide by the service terms to generate profit.

  • It is highly convenient for beginners offering guaranteed payments.
  • Affiliates can select products catering to follower interests from Amazon’s vast product range.
  • Amazon offers a 24 hours cookie lifetime. During this, affiliates will be paid only if customers via affiliate link either purchase or add the product to their cart.
  • Amazon offers affiliates a standard commission on each product sale.
  • There are chances of earning an extra commission if the customer purchases multiple items through your link. You should be paid for these items even if you did not promote them.
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Top affiliate programs in 2022

CJ Affiliate

This primary website with thousands of international clients is for extremely professional affiliates. However, beginner affiliates can also sign-up and partner with brands easily. Affiliates can effortlessly find their concerned products on CJ.

  • Some brands on CJ allow an extended cookie period of 400 days. However, this may differ from brand to brand.
  • CJ has a variety of brands that approve affiliates differently. It is challenging for newbies to cope with brands having strict approval policies.
  • Affiliates can also partner with famous brands like Priceline, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, etc.
  • Affiliates can easily access their affiliate links through an automatic URL generator.


This growing platform is the best fit for affiliates with over 241,000 publishers and 21,200 advertisers. Affiliates can choose products corresponding to their niche from either travel, merchandising, insurance, finance, or the telecommunication range.

  • Automatically generate your unique affiliate link through Awin’s Chrome extension.
  • The four advertiser groups are further classified for affiliates to locate and choose brands of their interest quickly.
  • Awin allows easy access to all features and tools for effective affiliate marketing.
  • Users can boost their income through Awin’s customized, detailed reports.


This network is nominated as the best CPS network of 2022 for its resourceful affiliate marketing solutions. It is a subsidiary of Awin.

  • ShareASale releases monthly payouts to the affiliates timely.
  • It offers costless and quick signup with seamless support to affiliates.
  • Affiliates can earn up to 20% income over each purchase through their affiliate link.
  • Get a comprehensive performance report showing various criteria regarding the sales you have generated.


This popular affiliate marketing website has served more than 190 countries for over 20 years. It is a highly rewarding platform.

  • Affiliates can avail a generous commission rate of around 75-90%, subject to outreach, accomplishment, and target brand.
  • It allows frequent earnings through products that require consumer subscriptions.
  • The Automatic Upsell feature enables bonus earnings on all additional items shopped by customers on your affiliate link.
  • Affiliates will be paid only if the customers buy the product in 60 days through the affiliate link.
  • They also suggest suitable digital and physical products to the affiliates.


Impact is an affiliate marketing platform that allows seamless collaborations between brands (like Adidas, Uber, Airbnb, Walmart, etc.) and affiliates.

  • Impact offers easy approval and sign-up process for both newbies and expert affiliates.
  • Affiliates can earn by promoting unique promo codes on other websites as well.
  • Impact allows commission earning through all kinds of payment models, i.e., PPS (pay-per-sale), PPC (pay-per-click), and PPL (pay-per-lead).
  • The friendly user interface allows easy analysis of performance and related parameters.
  • It has affiliate marketing tutorials and an interactive support team to help affiliates.


This platform features vast product and services collections like automotive, entertainment, sports, business, legal services, and educational products. This is best for experienced affiliates.

  • FlexOffers does not offer a cookie period. The affiliates will get a commission on all products whenever the customer purchases.
  • Users can easily create affiliate links automatically with one click.
  • FlexOffers allows the addition of widgets for product comparison.

Sovrn (VigLink)

This platform provides seamless assistance for affiliate marketing through its innovative tools and advanced features. It allows convenient sign-up, usage, and access to products and services of brands of your interest.

  • Sovrn has an intuitive dashboard for affiliates to explore all brands and offerings.
  • Affiliates must have their site or blog page. Sovrn offers a program that evaluates the web or blog of affiliates and constructs affiliate links automatically. Its efficient tools will organize and add unique codes to your website wherever necessary.
  • It provides information on existing affiliate marketing trends so that affiliates can enhance the quality of their content.


Take your affiliate marketing experience to the next level with the help of any of the platforms mentioned above. Look for user reviews, payment policies, commission policies, cookie duration policies, and products of your niche to assess which of these fits best for you. Also, enhance your reach to generate organic traffic to your marketing campaigns. Input active and persistent efforts initially, then sit back and enjoy the fruitful revenue.