Data Entry Jobs from home

Can I find Data Entry Jobs from home near me? This is a question every person who intends to make money online has to answer. Data Entry Jobs from home near me can involve typing, transcribing, recording, or entering raw data to computers. Recently, data entry jobs online have become popular for they are easy and pays instantly. Many websites and companies are offering Data Entry Jobs from home that pay well. As a data entry worker, you can get a job in any industry. Some of the Data Entry Jobs from home require entry-level qualification, while others require experience.

Data Entry Jobs from home near me that pay well

Data Entry Jobs from home

You can take up a data entry job either full time or part-time. Most companies offer online data entry jobs. Others, however, prefer an in-house data entry clerk working from the office. This article provides you with all the details you need to know about all data entry jobs around you.

What is data entry jobs?

Data entry jobs refer to the task of adding, verifying, and editing data. Data Entry Jobs from home range from transcribing minutes from meeting to keying in raw data into databases. Often the task involves entering data into electronic formats—this one of the best ways to make money, especially online at your comfort and convenience.

Examples of data entry jobs

There are several data Entry Jobs from home occupations that one can engage in. below is a list of the standard and most sought-after data entry jobs.

Part time Data Entry Jobs from a home specialist

Data Entry Jobs from homeThese part time data Entry Jobs from home involve verifying, compiling, auditing datasheets, and correcting reports. One also handles fact-checking for errors, record keeping, and filing. Most part time data entry from home Jobs from home specialists work full time on a remote basis. A data entry specialist earns between $16 – $19 per hour.

Find Data Entry Jobs as Recorder

As a data recorder, your task involves recording data. The job entails inputting data, retrieval, and processing. A data recorder also proofreads documents of the data submitted. Therefore, accuracy is a crucial skill. Your task also involves inquiring about pending recordings. This is a full-time job with entry-level qualifications. You will need a high school diploma or an equivalent to qualify for such a position.

Data Entry Jobs from Home Transcriptionist

The transcriptionist job mainly involves typing. This data entry job requires excellent typing and listening skills. One can engage with live transcribing or deal with already recorded audio. A transcriptionist earns between $15 to $30 per hour, depending on the advancement level. Required skills include professionalism, accuracy, and efficiency.

Processing clerk

A processing clerk involves operating and maintaining operations that involve documents in an office. The job is usually a full-time job. You will require a high school certificate or GED to get a processing clerk job. The full-time data entry job is often an entry-level job. However, having experience gives you better chances at getting the job.

A processing clerk handles photocopying tasks, general data entry, encoding data, and balancing items. The job may also require the generation of reports and statements for the company. A processing clerk handles the mailing and operation of office machines. Keen attention to detail is an added skill. The average annual salary of a processing clerk is $26,992.

There are several data entry jobs available, especially online. Others include:

                    1. Collections clerk
                    2. Customer support specialist
                    3. Administrative Customer Service Representative
                    4. Payroll specialist
                    5. Hr data entry specialist
                    6. Data entry operator
                    7. Filing and data processing clerk
                    8. Data entry associate
                    9. Lyrics Associate

Companies that offer online data entry jobs

While data entry jobs are many online, finding the best and legitimate site that offers such positions may be challenging. Below is a list of some legit companies that provide data entry jobs.

AccuTran Global

This site is best known for specifically hiring transcriptionists. All you require is to pass your application assessment. The site pays per word. With exemplary transcription work, you qualify for bonuses. However, most workers of AccuTran Global reside within United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The site has a high legitimacy level in the job advertised there. If you are interested in transcription work, you can apply for a task through the following link The sites sometimes offer other data entry jobs. You can keep an eye on any data entry jobs advertised.


Through Fiverr, you can get an online data entry job and earn money easily. The steps required towards getting a data entry job with Fiverr to include:

                        • Sign up and join Fiverr
                        • List your skills as a data entry specialist
                        • Create a detailed listing of the tasks you want to do
                        • Wait for someone to hire you.

With Fiverr, you can earn as low as $5 per task. It is advisable to list your hourly charges per job. This makes it easier for a client to know how to hire you.


Clickworker is another legitimate site for all types of online jobs. Most users of Clickworker often look for micro-jobs. The site also connects workers with data entry jobs available. Payment is usually made per task completed.

Steps of joining Clickworker include:

                • Completing a short skills assessment task
                • Registration
                • Fill your profile
                • Waiting for tasks

The tasks you get depend on your performance. Excellent work earns you more work and better pay from clients. Clickworker pays on a weekly or monthly basis via PayPal.

Click on to sign up and access data entry jobs.


Upwork is one of the best-known and internationally recognized freelance sites. The site provides online jobs to both full time and part-time job seekers. One can find diverse data entry tasks on this site.

All you need to do is sign up at Upwork, complete your profile and wait for potential clients to contact you.

Amazon work from home data entry jobs

The amazon work from home data entry jobs involves crowdsourcing sites known as Amazon Mechanical Turk. This site allows users to pick small tasks and get paid upon completion. With Amazon mTurk, one can get data Entry Jobs from home. The pay is a little low than other sites. However, with prior experience, a data entry job can fetch you good money.

To start:

                • Register on the site (
                • Select HITs (Human Intelligence tasks)
                • Complete a qualifier task
                • Land the task

Axion data entry jobs services

This online company hires independent contractors for data Entry Jobs from home positions. Axion Data Entry Services often takes individuals for a full-time job on a long term basis. The company considers individuals with experience in data entry tasks. The experience level ranges between 2 to 3 years in data entry.

You will need a typing speed of 50 words per minute. For qualification, consider having no errors in your typing. Contractors are paid per piece. You will also require to pay a nominal fee for registration purposes.

If interested, click Axiondata to get started.

Data Entry Jobs as a part-time job

People working full-time look for options of having part-time jobs to earn extra coin. Are you in such a situation? Then Data entry is the best alternative for you. There are many data entry jobs near you. You can work on them during your free time. The amount you can earn depends on the experience you have in simple tasks that require data entry skills.

What one needs to pursue a data entry jobs as a part time

All you need is a working internet-enabled device such as a laptop, a desktop, tablet, and internet connection. Due to the current technological advancement, internet-enabled devices are cheap, and today, almost all people can afford to pay for internet service provision. The last requirement is the technical know-how of undertaking the tasks as explained earlier. With this, you are good to undertake tasks whenever you are free and make extra coins.

Why Data Entry Jobs from home for part-time clerks

Everyone is looking for a permanent job. However, during free time, one needs to make extra cash doing part time data entry jobs from home. Data entry jobs are easy to undertake and require a short time. Therefore, one can accomplish them in the shortest time possible. This is convenient for people who have other tasks to undertake.

Data entry job description

The data entry job description encompasses the skills you need to have to complete data entry jobs online. The data entry job description for data entry jobs will depend on the type of data entry the employer wants you to perform. For example, for technical data entry Jobs from home like payroll specialists, one should have the necessary skills in this field. The same applies to an administrative customer service representative. However, the level of data entry in such specification also matter.

What is data entry skills?

It is good to know what is data entry skills you should have to become successful in data entry jobs from home. For general data entry Jobs from home clerks, one may not require qualifications like a college degree. However, depending on the employer, some papers can be required. Some employers prefer you to have GCSEs (grades A-C) or equivalent in English and mathematics. Such qualifications are necessary not only for data entry jobs from home but for all fields.

You will be required to have basic knowledge of standard software used in data entry jobs from home. The software includes databases, spreadsheets, and word processing. One of the interview tests for data entry jobs revolves around the three. You can be tested for keyboard skills and accuracy in entering data. However, it is not something to worry about. Employers offer training on their data system when you start data entry jobs from home. With time, one gains experience and can work better.

How to gain Skills in Data Entry Jobs?

If you are preparing for a career in data Entry Jobs from home, you need practical experience. For example, the three mentioned software are interactive. The more you interact with a word processor, spreadsheet, or database, the more you gain experience working with them. There are different data Entry Jobs from home where one can get such practical experience. To gain expertise specifically o data entry tasks, you can follow the following guidance;

Pursuing education

The best way to acquire practical skills is through education. You can search for educational opportunities to fulfill this. Such options can be through high school or college classes. Other avenues include technical training sessions and workshops.

Completing an internship

Another way of gaining experience in data Entry Jobs from home is through an internship. You can volunteer or intern in any data entry role. This helps you to have professional contacts in the field.

Obtaining certifications

People and especially employees gain trust through certificates. With a certification, it is possible to improve job prospects. The same applies to data entry jobs. When one has a diploma in this field, it is possible to get more industry opportunities.

Tips to succeed in data Entry Jobs from home

If you wish to succeed in this field, consider the following among the considerations to emphasize;

Gain Computer Skills

This is a mandatory skill. The vast you are in the computer, the chances of higher success. Read online tutorials to increase your knowledge and practice. There are enough free online tutorials for popular computer programs, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, on their manufacturer’s websites or video hosting sites. Through this approach, you will have diverse skills in handling different data entry tasks.

Become a better typist

One of the required skills in data entry is typing. Most data are keyed in the specified system through typing. Leaning on typing speed increases your rate of data entry. It is critical, therefore, that you master the keyboard and practice to increase your speed. Practice until you can type at least 35 words per minute. Consider using a free online test to identify your typing speed.

Bolster your interpersonal skills

In any field, you will communicate with your colleagues. Even when doing data entry jobs, there will be communication. This is irrespective of whether you are doing it virtually or physically. Utilize the internet to acquire the required interpersonal relationship skills. They help to improve working relations.

Advantages of data entry work from jobs

The following are reasons why one should choose data entry jobs to make extra cash from home or other convenient places.

It offers opportunities for independent contractors.

Data entry work from home jobs offer a virtual workforce of independent contractors. Such an approach relieves an organization of issues such as office space, among other logistics. Data entry from home jobs offers employers a cheap approach to provide well-paying data clerk entry jobs. Since it allows companies to outsource work, there are employment opportunities for freelancers. Data entry is thereby growing.

Data entry jobs have Low entry barriers.

As stated earlier, the qualification for this work is essential. The cost and effort needed in gaining the skills required are lower than many other jobs. Therefore, it is a job that offers the opportunity to many.

Data entry jobs are easy to access to jobs.

Many types of businesses need entry workers. Such companies cannot employ such enough people permanently. Such a situation offers freelancers an opportunity to find employment.

Precautions in data entry jobs

Although the job has its advantages, you should be careful while handling it like any other online jobs. One of the threats in undertaking data entry jobs is scammers. It is essential to due diligence and ascertains the legitimacy and authenticity of companies advertising for data entry jobs. It is advisable to work only for companies that have been approved by consumer services, such as the Better Businesses Bureau.

Another shortcoming in this form of job is low income. It isn’t easy to earn your dream salary through data entry jobs from any client. Therefore, do enough research to establish the client offering a job. Look through the payment section to confirm whether you can work for such an amount.