At some point in our lives most of us have wished we had someone who would take care of our financial needs and we all want to make money without a job. Sugar daddy sites have seen explosive growth as society has came to be more accepting. Whether you’re looking for someone to keep you company, you are chasing the excitement that comes from something taboo, you may find being in a sugar relationship is a satisfying experience for you. It can also be a great way to earn some extra much can you make as a sugar baby

There are a lot of sugar daddy type sites that have made it easier than ever to find a sugar dating arrangements. Still, if you’re looking into being a sugar relationship, you should know the ends and out of this sub culture. Not only are there a lot of scams but there are also a lot of very pushy guys. If you’re putting your time into looking for the right sugar daddy, you want to make sure your experience is safe and fun one. But also consider this as a job if you really plan to make money from it and it does require some effort.

The good news is that if it’s a sugar daddy you want, there are a lot of Sugar Daddy websites out there to meet the right guy for your situation.  This article will walk you through the things you need to know to find the perfect well-read, well-dressed well-behaving partners sure to spoil you rotten!

The best Sugar Daddy Dating sites

There are a lot of sugar daddy dating sites out there but a lot of them have fake members and a lot of scams. The bigger plays such as offer free sign ups for girls but they do a much better job than most at detecting fraud and make sure they only have high quality Sugar daddies and Sugar babies. Their price point is a big factor. For guys they charge from $99 up to $249 for the guys to be able to message the girls. This keeps the cheap guys off the site so the guys who are there are not just fake wanna be sugar daddies.

Another great site is which is very similar to seeking arrangements with about 5 million users. While these two industry leaders have set the pace as far as straight sugar daddy dating there is another great option in which is a website that focuses on dating arrangements for people who are married. Since many of the guys on those sites need you to keep your mouth shut most of them are ready and willing to shower you with gifts and cash to keep things on the down low.


Some things you need to know about dating a Sugar Daddy

A few things you need to consider if you want to get into the profitable world of sugar daddy dating. If you have a significant other that is jealous this is not the lifestyle for you but if you are single and carefree or if you have a significant other who finds it a turn on or exciting it might just work.

There are a few different types of sugar daddies. There are ones who are willing to pay you a monthly “fee” to keep them company. According to the average sugar daddy pays the average sugar baby a $3,000 monthly allowance. But keep in mind most of the guys on these types of sites are successful and many are used to being in charge and “the boss” so when a guy is paying your $3k a month for your time they will often expect you to act as an employee and will treat you that way.Find a sugar daddy

And just like with any employee and employer relationship there is turn over so be aware that you should not get used to that income to support your lifestyle. If a guy is on one of those websites they are more than likely going to move on at some point and find someone new once the excitement wears off. At that point it might be time to move on to the next guy.

You will find some guys who do not like the “allowance” type relationship because it is about as close to being a prostitute/john relationship as you can get without a pair of handcuffs.

Then you have “the experience” guys who is not interested in just paying a flat fee for you to see them. These type guys are more looking for a side girlfriend or a girl friend on demand where they take care of you and your needs by paying for things and buying you things more so than just a set fee agreement. Guys tend to see these type girls as less of an employee and this is often times more profitable than a set fee agreement.

Many of the guys you find on the site will have the attitude they own you since they pay you and will have high expectations and demands on your time. Of course a lot of the guys on these sites are very busy professional and many are married so that does take up a lot of their time so they will expect you to be available when they can make time.

These arrangements can have a lot of great aspects as well and often times girls will meet and fall in love with their sugar daddies and have a great life but it is not that common. It is very common to have a great few months of free vacations, great meals, and some excitement. And not all the guys are ugly fat slobs. Many of them are attractive men who simply do not have the time or desire to invest the time it takes to meet and build relationships.

Being a sugar baby can be a very exciting and fun experience but the best advice I can get you is be honest about what you expect upfront and let things develop. It is a turn off for guys when you say “I need $300 per date” right off the bat. Its like any business that you have to develop it with time so slow down.

Meet the guy at first if you think it is a good match without making him feel like he is at the super market having to check out and hand you cash at the end of the date. Be who you are and let him decide what you are worth and you might find you were pricing yourself to cheap!

How much can you make as a sugar baby?

Every situation is different and while the average might be around $3k you might be selling yourself short with those type of agreements. That type situations where the sugar daddy is paying you a flat fee for each date or a set fee per month he is usually going to expect you to be exclusive with him.

Thats not always a bad thing and many girls love only having to deal with one sugar daddy verses having to try to keep several happy. On the flip side if you just let guys be generous and you see several at a time you might find that it is more profitable and you get to have a variety of different experiences and gifts.

After speaking with about 30 different girls on we found the average girl speaks to about 40 guys a month via the messaging system but only meets about one to two per month. Most of the girls tell us they usually get about $300 a week from their sugar daddy. The ones who do not have a set arrangement tell us they often get their bills like car payments and rent paid by their guys.

At least 5 of the girls we spoke with said they travel to Vegas and Miami several times a year and many of the guys are looking for girls who are willing to go on trips with them. So if you like to travel this might be the right ticket!

The key is finding what you are looking for in a sugar daddy and making your desires clear up front. To save everyone time explain your wishes in your profile. I see so many profiles that say “I am looking for a guy to buy me things but I only want to talk online” and that is a big red flag to most guys that you are a scam. Be willing to at least Facetime verify that you are real and who you say you are to avoid getting that scam vibe.

A lot of girls think the guys on these sites are just a bunch of desperate old men who joined a sugar daddy site to hoping to get a girl to email them and that is just not the case. Most of the men are successful and intelligent and are not just going to cut you a check because you sent him a few flirty messages.

Take Advantage of the free advice and mentorship

Most of the guys on the sugar daddy sites are successful in some form or fashion and you can learn a lot from them if you are willing to listen and have in-depth conversations. Many business people would love to have the access to have long and personal conversations with business leaders to gain some knowledge so put some value in their time and actually learn more than just how to flirt your way into some money because that money is short lived.

If you have a desire to have a successful career take the time to get as much knowledge from your sugar daddy as possible. Since most are usually older they have a lot of experience and can teach you a lot.

Happy dating and if you have some great stories to share let us know.