How does Discord make money

How does Discord make money is a question every person using Discord tries to find an answer since it helps to understand the app’s business model well. We are all looking for money, and it is good to learn how does Discord make money. Since people are moving online, investors are working around the clock to come up with online supporting apps and earn through them.

DiscordKnowing how Discord make money through allowing developers to publish their apps and games, which get buyers, and the buyers earn 90% of the sale revenue while Discord earns 10%.


How Does Discord Make Money?

How does Discord make money is by taking a percentage of the revenue generated from the products sold through the platform. Discord makes money by taking 10% of the total revenue generated whole the developer or seller takes 90%.

How Does Discord Make MoneyIf you wish to earn extra coins every minute on the internet, understanding how does Discord make money increases the number of opportunities at your disposal?  One can explore all the other options simultaneously the better. One has to explore the best alternative.

In this post, I will explain why Discord is the best alternative for bloggers, and how does Discord make money.


How to make money on Discord

How to make money on DiscordThe process of how to make money on Discord is easy. You can make money by setting the following:

  • Make server for paid members
  • advertise other servers on your server
  • accept donations
  • get sponsors
  • Join affiliate marketing programs using discord servers.



Discord partner requirements

Discord partner requirementsThe discord partner requirements need you to have a server at least 8 weeks old, at least 500 members, at least 50 communicators, and at least 100 participators to qualify. This answers the question how does Discord make money since it presents a way through which users can make money through various interactions.


Discord partner bot

partner bot

This helps you to market your server automatically.

It uses discord-js to automate partnerships in the big communities and this answers the questions on how does Discord make money.

What is Discord?

What is DiscordDiscord is a VoIP, digital distribution, and instant messaging platform from America. It is designed for creating communities like any other social media platform. However, the app is more private, serving confidential information, and that guides how Discord make money. People using the app communicate through voice calls, text messaging, and media calls.

Other forms of communication in this platform include media and files in private chats, commonly called servers.

Discord provides the easiest way to talk, send video, and text with friends and communities.


Discord Business Model

Social media platforms join people with the same interests together. Discord is there to join gamers together, people who are interested in digital gaming. There are over 2.3 billion active gamers who generate over 108.9 billion in-game revenue in the world.

There is no other better game-based business model than connecting such gamers together. Through the connection, the app lets them have a voice chat while in play and allows them to interact and make communities with their gaming friends. In this aspect, Discord is a freeware software dedicated to help such communities.


Game subscription Service

Discord has a gaming subscription service through which it makes money. The subscription service has a Nitro and Classic option. However, users can still access the service free which leads to the question how does Discord make money. After interacting with other users in the app, it is easy to find an answer on how discord makes money through game subscriptions


Discord Nitro

Discord NitroThe paid subscription service offers the Discord Nitro app users access for $9.99 per month or 99.99 per year. Interested users support Discord Nitro in making money through the subscription.

Discord Nitro subscribers get access to a variety of games, premium features, and extra benefits. Free users do not enjoy it. Some of the services include:

                • A personal discord tag with a chosen number
                • Specially made nitro profile badge for the user
                • Customized emojis
                • Quality screen share in chats
                • Extended upload limit allowing a user to share files and photos with the app
                • Animated avatars for the user’s profile

A subscription for the premium features opens an avenue for Discord Nitro to make money.

Discord Classic

Discord fans without the ability to subscribe to Discord Nitro can access Discord classic. The classic option goes for $4.99/month or $49.99 with two months free. One downside of the traditional option is the absence of access to curated games. Classic users, however, enjoy enhanced char perks. Users wanting the classic option contribute to the development of the software and help Discord make money.

Game Distribution – Game store – distribution fees

Another way that Discord make money is through game distribution fees. Discord launched a game store that allows game developers to sell their games. Game developers publish their rounds through the store app, and Discord earns money through hosting the games.

The app allows gamers to test and release their games as well as host them. As the developers sell games, Discord earns a 10% share of the sale. For any game distributed through the Discord game store, Discord gains 10% of the revenue share.

Gamers partnering with Discord enjoy favorable terms of service. This money earned helps the platform cater for operating costs.



Cosmetic Items

Discord also make money through Discord cosmetic items. The platform comes with an extra package of things that users can purchase for use. These items add additional entertainment as beauty to the app making it more appealing to the users. Some of the packs include:

                      • Skins
                      • Sound packs
                      • Custom emojis
                      • Sound packs
                      • Sticker packs

Though they are option items, gamers can enjoy a positive impact on their gaming process. The extra gaming items do not, however, affect how gamers interact with their games. It just adds additional value to their gaming experience. For a user to have a better experience, spending an extra coin is inevitable. Once users buy such extra perks, Discord generates money.

Discord chat app

Expansion beyond gaming is another strategy that Discord uses to earn money. Discord wants to expand its platform to other avenues. The app offers a communication feature that gamers and non-gamers can utilize. The chat app proves useful to colleagues in any workplace and even teachers to create connections.  The app developers hinted at making it an office space that fosters collaborations and communication channels. Professionals choosing to engage using the app’s platform allow the developers generate extra income.


Discord Merchandise Store

The discord merchandise store is another alternative which addresses how does Discord make money. The app offers a significant variety of merchandise such as caps and hoods through its merchandise store. Other forms of merchandise made from their store include T-shirts and socks.


Discord merch

Discord merchDiscord merch enables the owners earn some substantive revenue through selling such items.

Although these are partly promotional materials, Discord uses the chance to make money.


How does Discord make profit?

How does Discord make profit? The Discord appp makes money through its effective promotional and marketing strategies. A sure way through which Discord makes money is through Nitro subscriptions, server boosting and fees from the sale of games. How does Discord make money is through promotions call for support from its users to contribute to the growing company by purchasing cosmetic and merchandise items.


Cash Infusions/funding

Discord makes money through receiving support via investment and funding from prominent and established companies. Discord uses such revenue for international growth and improving its platform. Although this is not a revenue source in the purest form, through this strategy, Discord has raised about 280 million, increasing its worth to over $2.05 billion in valuation. The creators have stated from the launch of the product that they wanted to provide a free, no-ad experience for their users, and so far, they have held to that promise.

Future opportunities for Discord to make money

Discord has room for improvement in income generation. Some of the opportunities for the app to make extra cash include the following.

Game bridge

Discord can make money in the future through the game bridge app integrated within the game. The app will allow users to auto-match in voice channels, auto-create permanent and temporary servers, take screenshots, or share videos. Users will enjoy partnerships and build a community. With such features within the app, the developers get more users and increase their revenue chances.

Donate bot discord

A user can use the donate bot discord by typing “donate” in chat and immediately gets instructions on how to share a donation through PayPal. Donate bot allows discord server owners to accept donations from server members. Over $100,000 donations have been made so far.

Start a donate bot discord right and accept donations.


Discord bots

Discord botsImprove your discord experience by using the many discord bots at your disposal.

Discord bots assist in moderating users’ activities on the server to increase productivity.


Do discord bots make money?

Discord botsDo discord bots make money? Yes, discord bots present an easy way to make money. They help to block ads on servers, and that helps the server owners to farm coins anytime.


Game revenue sharing

Another future opportunity is revenue sharing. Through partnering with gaming companies, Discord can earn extra money through referrals that result in purchases. One partnership that Discord engaged in is with Spotify, where they can share music. The association also helps Discord retain clients.


Some of the top discord bots voted by users

List of best performing discord bots:

                          • MEE6
                          • Sentinel
                          • Mudae
                          • Dank Memer
                          • Poketwo
                          • Karuta
                          • PokeMeow
                          • Epic RPG
                          • ZeroTWO
                          • Nekotina
                          • TacoShack
                          • Myuu
                          • Owo

Does Discord collect data?

Does Discord collect data is a question every member asks since privacy has become a great concern to everyone online? Every application and website online that allows registration stores your data. The respect and value the app owners place on user privacy is what matters.

Does Discord collect data

Discord is a trusted application and website that respects user data and safely stores the information shred by users to improve their experience. The company collects data through API and user registration forms. All the information is stored securely in their servers.

Does Discord sell data?

Does Discord sell data. Discord does not sell data. Everyone thinks discord collect sell data. It is the modern error of digital interactions, and the number you need to make online to enjoy services is unlimited.

Does Discord sell data: Unsubstantiated Claims from Reddit

                    • Discord’s leading source of income comes from selling collected data
                    • Discord contains a process logger
                    • Discord receives government requests for your information
                    • Discord contains features that allow integration with other spyware platforms
                    • Discord confirms that it collects large amounts of sensitive user data
                    • Discord does not make its source code available

Discord explicitly confirms in its privacy policy [1] that it collects the following information:

                    • IP Address
                    • Device UUID
                    • User’s e-mail address
                    • All text messages
                    • All images
                    • All VOIP data (voice chat)
                    • Open rates for e-mail sent by Discord

The question on How does Discord make money is well addressed in this article. Like any other app, Discord collects data to better user experience and keep updating new content that benefits its users. Apps have advanced to include opt-in or opt-out options to help users to know what to expect when they register.