How to make 1000 dollars fast

How to make 1000 dollars fast? It is easy, and at the same time hard. How to make 1000 dollars fast depends on many things, and what you do to make money. There are numerous ways that you can make money out here as an extra source of income.

How to make 1000 dollars fast

If you need to make $1000 fast, then these tips are for you. Learn legit  ways on how to make 1000 dollars fast with least investment.

How to make 1000 dollars fast

Trim: save money automatically

You need to make 1000 dollars quickly, revisit your budget, and cut down on your expenses. If you look at your daily expenditure, you might realize that you spend a lot of money on things that you do not necessarily need.

You might find out that you spend extra money on luxuries that you do not need. Why not cut off such luxuries and save up the cash? Some amenities may include eat-outs or ordering in, unused subscriptions, impulse purchases, expensive premium cables instead of a basic package, and even food delivery.

If you cut your current expenses, find means to balance between your costs and income, you can free up some cash earning yourself the $1000 you need.


Affiliate Marketing

One of our favorites is affiliate marketing which is basically you referring your friends to try products. Some affiliate companies like offer weekly payments (after your first payment) and some of their offers like some Online Gambling programs such as Red Dog Casino pay as much as $140 per sign up. So if your friends like to gamble just refer 8 of them and you made $1,000. 

Offer Rental services

Offering rental services of your items or property can earn you legit 1000 dollars without having to work for it. If you have an extra room in your home and need to make $1000 today, you can earn the cash by renting it. If you have property to rent out, this one one legit way on how to make 1000 dollars fast.

House rental

It could be that you are going on a vacation and need the money; you can rent your whole house. If you have a spare and vacant room in your house, you can also advertise it for rental services and get instant money. One way of promoting your home or place for the rental is listing in Airbnb, which allows you to detail the house/room description, the charges, and house rules for your guests.

Car rental services

Apart from the house, you can also rent your car and make $1000 quickly. For instance, Turo is one of the websites that lists car rental services and makeup to $17 an hour. Within one week, depending on the number of hours you put your car for rental services, you can collect your $1000. Additionally, you can also rent other stuff such as a trailer, parking spot if you stay next to a town or storage space.

20 an hour jobs: Canoe rental and boat rental

Offering canoe rental is lucrative can you 20$ an hour salary. Any person seeking leisure services has money and willing to spend. If you live, or operate near a beach, get a canoe and make money. Stop dirtying the beach and start making money.


Market research jobs

To succeed in market research jobs, you need to understand how to do market research. It is not hard, neither is it easy. This is a job reserved for the experts. With technological advancement and the world of the internet, numerous companies around the globe pay to get people’s opinions about their products and services before venturing into the market.

If you wonder how you can quickly make 1000 dollars, you can sign up to participate in market research. With market research, you can take part in an online survey on the numerous survey sites available. You can also choose to test a product or take part in a focus group for companies.

Various companies and product lines are willing to offer money in exchange for your input in the survey or sharing your review. Your review may help them improve their product and even expand its market share through increased sales.

How to do market research

To do market research, you need to have strong background and understanding of research methods. This will help you to get a gift card or cashback. If you need to make $1000 instantly online, then go for sites that offer cash as payment for the research.

Market research websites

Some of the legit and most recommended market research websites include:

                                • Swagbucks
                                • SurveyJunkie
                                • InboxDollars

How to make 1000 dollars fastEarn 20 dollars an hour salary Freelancing

Another way of making a thousand dollars first is engaging in freelance work. This can you 20 dollars an hour salary if you have the necessary skills. If you are a professional or contain skills in a specific area, you can look out for freelance jobs within your area of expertise.

Freelancing is one of the easiest and quickest ways on How to make 1000 dollars fast and legally.

Individuals and even companies lookout for either people they can pay to complete simple freelance jobs online or offline.

Some of the tasks range from designing, writing, editing, recording voice-overs, translation, audio transcription, data entry, or even counseling. Most freelance jobs require an online presence since you can perform them from any end of the world with no geographical restrictions.

You can choose freelance as a short-term project for quick money or a long-term project that may turn out to be a side hustle to earn you constant extra income. Freelancing is one sure way on how to make 1000 dollars fast. One advantage of freelancing is the schedule flexibility that allows you to take up a task conveniently. Some of the sites that offer freelancing work include Fiverr, Upwork, and, among others.

How to make 1000 a week

The amount you can make in a day or hour depends on the task you take and the number of jobs you complete within a given period. However, you can take up many tasks, spare time, meet them, and get your $1000 easily and quickly.

Sell stuff

Sell stuff that you do not need and make 1000 dollars a week. The fastest way to make 1000 dollars is to sell your old stuff or things that you do not use. You probably have old or unused things around the house. Why not sell them out and make quick cash.

You can sell your stuff either online or hold a physical garage sale. For online sales, check out sites such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Decluttr, among others, to make quick money. The online sites provide a guide on making your online sale that includes evaluating your items, labeling, and even shipping to potential customers.

For offline sales, just put up a garage sale and invite people over to check out your things. One might find exciting things to buy.

You can make vast and legit money through your unused but valuable items. Some of the things you can sell include video games, clothes, Blu-rays, DVDs, old books, phones, among others.

Perform easy chores for people

Easy chores are one of the sure way on how to make 1000 dollars fast. If you wonder how you can make 1000 dollars fast, then consider performing some easy chores for people.

Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a website you can sign up that connects jobseekers to clients. One of the most recommended sites is Task Rabbit that links you to people who need help with small tasks.

You can also create connections within your neighborhood. Your friends can also help you connect with contacts that need help. The amount of money you get depends on the task you sign up for; therefore, you need to align your charges well to avoid suffering losses.

Some of the simple tasks that people may need help with include shopping, gardening, cleaning, moving, mounting a TV in the house, or even arranging a garage.

Depending on the task you take, you can make decent hourly pay.

Use Cash Back Apps to make 1000 dollars fast

If you continuously purchase stuff, you can make $1000 a week even as you spend. Some apps that pay real money as you make purchases using their cash back apps.

Apps that pay real money

This does not mean that you have to make multiple purchases to earn cashback. Apps that pay real money pay you daily and everyday purchases are made. Whether you are buying household supplies, clothes for yourself, buying groceries, check out for stores that have cashback services and make your purchases there.

Cash back apps

Megabonus cash back appMegabonus cash back app




UTERM Cash back appUTERM Cash back app




Lyconet cashback app
Lyconet cashback app





Cashback appcashback app





Rakuten cashback appRakuten cashback app





The amount you get solely depends on the amount you spend on your shopping, available discounts, and the store’s stipulated cashback percentage. You can as well take advantage of the free money.

Cash back sites

There are many cash back sites but some standout from the rest. These cash back websites have both desktop versions and apps that you can use anytime. Visit any of these cash back sites and learn how to make 1000 dollars fast.

Rakuten Earn $30 per ever successful referral
Mr. Rebates Earn 20% cash back when your friends earn
EvoShare Earn from 1% to 22% per ever successful referral
Ibotta Earn $20 cash back every time you shop
 Earny 25% refund on any purchase direct to your credit card
Wikibuy Earn from 1% to 15% on successful referral

Side hustle

Babysitting jobs

I would say babysitting is the easiest job since you will incur zero cost. You are enjoyed to babysit and the parents provides you with everything. Always be cautious to ensure you find the best babysitter to avoid disappoints. Hey, to enjoy your babysitting job, always watch the adventures of babysitting to find some inspiration.


One of the easiest ways on how to make 1000 dollars fast is getting an extra job in exchange for money. You can either take a second job apart from the one you have or take extra shifts within your current job.

At your workplace, you can take shifts either in the evenings or at weekends. You can also take double shifts for your colleagues at a fee.

Earn extra money as a virtual assistant

Most people take up extra jobs for income. This one easy way on how to make 1000 dollars fast. You can pick up as side hustles depending on your schedule numerous tasks. Some of the functions include:

Gardening services

Gardening services pay well, and is one way on How to make 1000 dollars fast. In fact in the US and UK, many people make a living through doing gardening jobs. No stressful schedules whiles makes it convenient for every person who intends to make money offline.

20 an hour jobs Car wrapping

Do you own a car and don’t mind having some advertisements on your car? Sign up for car adverts to get in touch with your potential clients, and you will be on your way to earn $1000.

You can earn money by having a company put a branded label on your car in exchange for cash.

Car wrapping requires you to have some qualifications as follows:

                  • drive at least 30 miles a day
                  • live within a busy city
                  • your car must be a 2008 model or newer
                  • have a clean driving record
                  • have a factory-finish paint job – this is a must

How to make a quick 1000 dollars in one day

This is a sure trick to make 1000 in one day. Help people convert bitcoins into hard cash and get paid big.

If you have all these qualifications, then use your vehicle to earn yourself extra income. Car wrapping can earn you $1000 in one day. Hence, these work best if you do not need the $1000 instantly.

Carvetise is one of the best and most recognized sites that offer car advertisement services by connecting you with your advertisers.

20.00 an hour is how much a year

The above tips will answer this questions better on to make 20 per hour, daily, monthly and annually working from home (20 dollar * 24 hours (day) * 7 days (week) * 30 days (month) * 365 day (year) = $36,792,000 a year). This is one way on how to make 1000 dollars fast. Plan your income well and be sure you can get rich early.

The list above contains some of the best ways you can earn to make your $1000 quickly. Try out options that interest you, fit your schedule, and make extra income.