How to make money on amazon

Knowing how to make money on amazon is the sure way to your financial freedom. Amazon offers many ways on how to make money on amazon that any person can try. The company continues to upgrade its systems to capture both online and offline market.

Their effort has seen the creation of many opening that have even motivated me to write this article about how to make money on amazon to help others try their luck.

Amazon gift Cards


Ways on how to make money on amazon

Sell books on amazon

If you are a unique and prolific writer, you can make money on Amazon through self-publishing your books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

How to make money on amazon

2020 09 28 02h40 51 The KDP platform gives every prolific and professional writer the option of making money on Amazon by publishing your books.

With KDP, publishers can either utilize the digital formats of books or print hard copies for books. As a publisher, you can make money on Amazon by selling books through Amazon’s CreateSpace platform that allows publishers to print on demand.

With KDP, Amazon allows you to determine your prices for your books. One significant way of earning money through Amazon is through royalties.   All you need is to write a quality book and conduct proper marketing, and you are on your way to making some money on Amazon.

Sell books on amazonA prolific and professional writer or author can earn up to $40,000 in a month on Amazon by self-publishing on Kindle.


Selling wholesale on amazon

If you have some money you wish to invest and you are wondering how you can make money selling on Amazon, you can consider selling your products on wholesale.

Selling wholesale on amazonWith the wholesale option, you buy products directly from the manufacturer or wholesale supplier at a considerably lower price.

Through amazon bulk business or the B2B option, you can make money profit selling on Amazon. Holding a wholesale business on Amazon allows you to enjoy better profit margins that enable you to earn a living. Engaging in a wholesale business with Amazon requires you as a seller to be confident about your sales. The reason being, wholesale business has a downside, in that you need to place a larger order for your products or else your orders may turn out expensive. You also need to choose the best price for each product.

Amazon books


Amazon logistics

Amazon logistics encompasses delivery services of its products to customers all over the world. This is another sure way on how to make money on amazon. Amazon delivery service partners income is high since they do packaging. They also monitor their supply chain, up to the customers’ doorstep or neighborhood.

Amazon logisticsIf you are wondering how you can earn with, sign up to be an amazon driver either full time or part-time. You can sign up through Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex offers flexibility on your schedule on the tasks you take up every week.

To make money through Amazon, all you need is a vehicle and a phone to conduct deliveries locally or a nearby city. The phone allows you to download the Amazon Flex app to find your orders. Amazon Flex will enable you to deliver small letter size packages to big box-sized boxes to the nearest Amazon office.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you can earn between $12 and $25 an hour depending on the number of tasks you pick up.


Join Amazon Bloggers

Amazon Bloggers can make a lot of money on amazon work under the amazon associate for bloggers program. If you love blogging and already have one, you can make money on Amazon without selling anything, once your blog becomes monetized.

How to make money on amazon With amazon affiliate program, all you have to do is look for a product, link the product to your blog, find some people to buy the product and get a commission through the purchases made.

Once you join the amazon associate program, Amazon provides specific links that you can solely share and get earn a percentage of the sale amount.

The popular affiliate program however requires you to be an online influencer making it easier for you to refer some products to your website visitors.  You will need an online following to enable you drive huge traffic to your website and make money with Amazon Associates program.

Amazon affiliate program sign up is free and the commission can be up to 10% of the sale amount. This option works best for individuals with little or no money to invest but need to utilize Amazon and get some money.

Retail arbitrage amazon

Another way on how to make money on Amazon is through retail arbitrage. Retail arbitrage refers to an individual buying products from offline or physical at cheap prices and selling them on Amazon for extra cash.

Most sellers engage in retail arbitrage to cut down on the cost of shipping of products from other products. All you need is to keep tabs on clearance sales and deals from local stores within the country. Once a sale goes up on stores such as Target or Walmart, sift through the best product, buy them on a lower price and sell on Amazon.

What is retail arbitrage amazon?

Retail arbitrage also involves driving to the physical stores to check the sales. If you want to know how to make money on amazon through retail arbitrage, head to amazon and get started.
However, the process requires constant and serious research. There are various things you need to research before opting for retail arbitrage:

          • Items that qualify for retail arbitrage sale
          • Amazon charges
          • Rules for specific items for sale

However, you can also utilize online arbitrage that allows you to buy products from websites of stores having sales and sell them on Amazon at a high price for profit.

You can make a living through amazon’s retail arbitrage service considering it is a lucrative venture.

Amazon representative

Wondering how you can make money on Amazon without selling a product; consider being an Amazon employee working as a representative. Amazon stands out as one of the largest online stores across the globe hence it is the largest employer. On average, Amazon has about 650,000 employees spread across the world.

Considering it is an online store, you can work for Amazon as a representative from any part of the world. You do not need to work at its headquarters located in Washington. You can work from the comfort of your home and make money, approximately $30,000 annually, from Amazon as a work from home staff, depending on the position.

Data entry clerk jobs

Amazon is known to offer best paying call center job. Others of the most common Amazon jobs include customer service representatives and data entry clerk jobs.

To get started, check out Amazon Job website and join the community of employees working remotely for Amazon from over 130 centers worldwide either full-time or part-time.

Amazon buy back

Amazon buy back is an amazon trade-in  plan where one can earn while selling products.

Earn amazon gift cards instantly

Amazon trade-in involves exchanging your used or unwanted items with Amazon and earn some cash or earn amazon gift cards instantly.

Amazon buy backWith the trade-in program, Amazon presents you with about 25% of the product’s original retail price. However, Amazon is very selective about the items they accept for their trade-in program. Your products have to be of low supply but are in high demand to earn amazon gift cards instantly.

Some of the trade in offered by amazon include:

                • Amazon buyback books
                • Kindle trade in
                • Amazon phone trade in
                • Amazon trade in video games
                • Amazon trade in program

The trade-in may not earn some cash into your account, but it qualifies you for a gift card that you can use to purchase products off Amazon.

Amazon Services

                1. AWS jobs
                2. Amazon delivery
                3. Amazon packaging
                4. And amazon prime;

Among others are some of the opportunities that the company provides.  As an entrepreneur, you can sell your use online and make money once you meet clients in need of your service.

Amazon ServicesMaking money through Amazon services is not limited to a particular profession. Whether you are a home maintenance expert, dg walker, plumber, tutor, etc., sign up with Amazon services and let Amazon connect you with potential clients.

Selling services on Amazon

Before you begin, Amazon provides you with all the details you need to know before selling your professional service through their platform. The service caters for both freelancers and registers businesses.

As you earn money through Amazon Services, you will need to pay a certain percentage of your income for any completed job for the service Amazon offers you, depending on the type of service and service price.

Sell under private brands

Among the various strategies to earn money with Amazon is selling your products under the private label. The private label involves making a preexisting product with some improvements and having a personal branding on it. Amazon has an accelerator program that encourages individuals and especially manufacturers, to engage in innovation and create their products and brands. The process simply means you sell your products as your own on Amazon.

After creating your product, list it on Amazon and have them delivered in a short period using the Amazon Prime package to your customers. Amazon’s private label option provides you with a means of estimating the price for your product. The world’s largest online business also provides you with a systematic guide through the entire process, including a marketing support system.

Amazon also provides product-testing services before you roll out your product to the market, which offers timely customer feedback.

Selling your products under private labels stands out as the best way to beat the competition on amazon and earn some money in the end.

Selling handmade items on amazon

Artists can make money selling handmade items on amazon. Earning while selling creative works has been made possible by Amazon. Handcrafted goods have high demand nowadays. The handmade items range from jewelry, clothes, and pieces of art and even accessories of all kinds.

Amazon Handmade not only allows you to earn money through your products, but it also provides you with exposure to your brands. The uniqueness of your products attracts a massive audience and potential customers from all over the globe.

Amazon has strict rules and guidelines when it comes to handmade products. For instance, the products have to be purely made by hand, by either you or an employee of your company. All you have to do on Amazon Handmade is fill up an application for describing the type and nature of products you make and the process involved.

In a single day, you can earn above $30 from sales. Once you start making sales and earning money, all amazon needs from you are 15% of the total sales to cater to referral fees.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk is another way of earning money through Amazon is through Amazon Mechanical. It is an online task platform that involves completing small and manageable tasks online for Amazon.

How to make money on amazonThe tasks are usually easy and only require you to have an internet connection and some few minutes off your schedule to earn some income.

Some of the tasks include:

                      • Amazon Data entry jobs
                      • Categorizing products and services
                      • Amazon rekognition
                      • Amazon surveys
                      • Validating and moderating content
                      • Transcription

You can join Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and outsource as many micro tasks as possible to earn your minimal income. Also, you can earn in form of earn free gift cards that you can redeem for cash.

Merch for Amazon

Custom-made merchandise offers the best way for you to earn money off amazon. If you have outstanding and unique design ideas for various products but lack the resources for production, sign up for the Amazon Merch program. The platform allows you to upload original design, product type, and color and leave the rest for amazon. Amazon produces the product, ships, and even provides customer service. However, you will need approval before Amazon takes up your designs through the production process.

Merch for Amazon

How much do you make on merch by Amazon?

You will earn royalties once products made out of your designs bring sales. The service also allows you to connect with other designers and customers interested in your systems.

How do you get on merch on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Merch is only available through invites. If you trust your creative works in design, then sign up for on Amazon, and start the process of what may be your next source of income.


Write Amazon reviews

Amazon reviews are an easy way to make money on Amazon without selling products. Amazon has a platform named Amazon Vine that requires honest and helpful feedback on products. The task, however, does not earn your actual cash. You will receive free products in exchange for unbiased feedback. You benefit through receiving free products, which helps you save on money incurred in purchases.

Write amazon reviewsGet paid for amazon reviews

You can get paid for amazon reviews especially if you are a frequent Amazon shopper, and you participate in reviewing products that have purchased. Writing review on amazon increases your chances of joining the Amazon Vine program.

How to become an amazon reviewer

Sign up by creating an amazon account, download the app, and start writing reviews. This works best for individuals who like sharing their experiences on the products they choose and get a substantial engagement from the Amazon online community. Why not save up some money on Amazon, and get free products just by giving your honest opinion on the products.

Amazon dropshipping

Amazon dropshippingAmazon dropshipping Another way to earn income through Amazon is engaging in the drop shipping business.  Drop shipping refers to the process where you, as a drop shipper, displays a product on your online store, and once a customer orders and pays for it, and you buy it from another retailer who sells at a lower price and delivers to the customer at your stipulated cost. Drop shipping enables one to earn money on amazon through the profit margins. The process requires no investment at all.

With drop shipping, you do not need to buy products in bulk, neither do you need a physical store or inventory for your products. Amazon drop shipping, however, requires the seller to select the option detailing ‘fulfillment by merchant’ so that the buyer knows that it is the seller, and not amazon, responsible for the transaction.

The following are things you need to note if you are considering to be an amazon drop shipper

          • Amazon charges you a certain amount after selling a product
          • Consider a drop shipper within your country for faster shipping.
          • Include seller information on the product

Amazon camperforce

Amazon, one of the largest online business platforms, has full-time RVers who aid in seasonal rushes through CammperForce. You can also join the team seasonally and earn money from Amazon.

2020 09 28 02h41 04CamperForce entails a group of RV-ers with the ability to drive anywhere within the country or work with Amazon’s warehouse for some cash. As a member of Camperforce, you can engage in tasks such as packing of packages, receiving packages, stowing, or even picking products.

One advantage of camper force once you become a member is flexibility. The program allows you to select tasks according to your availability and geographical location.

As a camperforce Associate, you can earn up to $600 weekly, primarily if you work full-time, coupled with health insurance coverage and employee bonuses.  Apart from the payment, amazon can also pay you camping charges and some utilities during the specific period of work.

Amazon fulfillment

Amazon has a massive fulfillment center where you can sign up and make money off Amazon. All you have to do is pick products, pack them up, store and ship to the final destination once the order is complete; Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). To earn money through FBA, follow the process below;

          • Sign up and become an amazon seller
          • Research and buy wholesale products from other online stores similar to amazon
          • Share your inventory with Amazon Fulfillment center
          • Once accepted, send your products to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers near you
          • Allow Amazon to ship the products to the customer for you at a fee
What is amazon FBA?

Amazon is when Sellers send their products to Amazon’s warehouse and logistics centers.

The fee that Amazon FBA charges happen at a unit cost depending on the weight and size of the product coupled with the storage fee.

Amazon Associates

If you have the capacity for products that you purchase at a lower price on one side and sell at a higher price on Amazon, join Amazon’s FBA programs and make some income on Amazon.