How to make money on eBay

How to make money on eBay without selling anything sounds like an impossible mission. It is not for sure. Everyone can make extra cash on eBay. With online platforms providing such an opportunity, work from home is slowing becoming more lucrative. Once you know How to make money on eBay, it is possible to make money on the platform without selling anything. Get ready to learn how that is possible

How to make money on eBay without selling anything?

Many people on eBay earn good money without selling anything. In a regular market, brokers link buyers and seller. Through this process, they earn commission. How to make money on eBay depends on the ability to master various techniques by connecting buyers to sellers working as an eBay brokers.

It is good to identify which approach works best for you. There are various ways through which you can make money on eBay without selling anything on the platform. It seems ridiculous but one can make perfect money from means presented here. You may be buying various products from eBay since you purchase such products for personal satisfaction or the loved ones.

Upon purchase for a period, you can know tricks of purchase products at a discounted rate. Through the discounted purchase, you can save money and use it other aspects. This as beneficial since you could have used to purchase the same product on other platforms.

Make a quick $1000 on eBay Dropshipping

How to make money on eBayYou can make $1000 very easily on eBay doing Dropshipping. It is the simplest way on How to make money on eBay without selling anything on EBay at the comfort of your house. Dropshipping is a major way to make money on eBay without selling anything. Dropshipping refers to the process of engaging in an online business that allows you to sell products to buyers without having the actual items on stock. The eBay retail fulfillment model places you, the drop shipper, as the connection between a product and the direct customer.

As an eBay dropshipper, all you have to do is buy a product from a third party and sell it to the end-user. With the model, the owner of the product or seller has no direct contact with the customer in need of the product. The difference between a drop shipper and other retailers lies in the fact that drop shippers do not have an inventory of real products in store.

eBay Dropshipping process

Step 1 – Customer places an order

The first step to dropping shipping begins with the customer making an order of the product from your website or online store. This is the stage where you get money from the customer in advance since the customer pays for the product.

Step 2: Contact a drop shipping supplier

Once you get the order from the customer, the next step is contacting your supplier with the request from the customer.

Step 3: customer order preparation

This step requires your drop-shipping supplier to prepare the order and send it back to the drop shipper.

Step 4: sending the product to the customer

This is the last stage of the dropshipping process, where the drop shipper sends the product directly to the customer.

How to conduct eBay dropshipping business successfully: 

Have a deep understanding of how eBay works– as an eBay drop shipper; there are numerous ways you can take advantage of the platform and earn money. With eBay, you can make money through seller fees, policies, feedback, increasing your ranking, joining eBay partner programs, listing tools, and membership tiers.

Choose your price wisely – the cost of the product from the seller has to be of a lower price compared to the one the buyer pays for the product. It is the only strategy to gain money from eBay through drop shipping. Dropshipping business aims to earn money without actually selling the product. Logic has it; therefore, that the amount which you buy the product with from the seller is of lower value compared to the amount the end customer pays for you spare some amount as profit.

Select products wisely– as an eBay drop shipper, you should know that most of the bestselling products today have colossal competition. Therefore, choose the products you want to engage with wisely to avoid making losses instead of profits. Getting the best products from the best sellers requires you to participate in serious research before participating in the transaction. The sellers of the products will end up being your business partners in the end. It is, therefore, essential to critically analyze your prospective business partners, find the right suppliers, and stick with them across all your transactions.

Looking for offline clients

Another way of making money on eBay without selling anything on the platform is through the purchase of items on eBay and selling them offline. There are items you can get them in the platform that are not available at your market. Through the technique of purchasing products at a subsidized price, you can look for local clients and sell them at the regular price hence earning the extra money.

You do not need to own the products but just market them in your personal platforms, get clients they purchase them from you while you are buying them directly from eBay. There are minimal risks in these transactions since you only sell products that your friend shows interest in them. In a good day, you can earn much through such interests.

Things to sell on ebay

There are many things one can sell on ebay. Their inventory is so big that it is near impossible to exhaust all listed products. Even though you have wider choice, it is good to know what sells since you are after making money online. Some of the best things to sell on eBay are as shown below:

Video Games

Video Games - How to make money on eBay

Wrist watches

Wrist watches
Wrist watches



Computer accessories

Computer accessories
Computer accessories

Designer Products

Designer Products
Designer Products




eBay affiliate

6The other way you can make money on eBay without selling anything is through becoming an ebay affiliate. Ebay affiliate marketing is directing customers to buy products on ebay. As a result, you earn a commission on any purchase made through your direct link. When you have a blog with high traffic, you can include direct links in your site that make people visit eBay and get products they might be looking for online.

Anyone can become an eBay affiliate member by signing up in their platform. All you need is to sign up and become a dropshipper. A popular affiliate network for the actual affiliate program of eBay gets access to resources such as tracking transactions, registration, links, and banners. The record is free, and anyone can join these ventures, direct more buyers to the site and earn a commission.