Online jobs

Online jobs that pay well are all over the internet. Nothing much is demanded from you to succeed online but the skill, and ability to engage employers. Legitimate online jobs for sure are changing the job industry. The growth of the internet has made working from home (WFH) even more lucrative across all the fields.

It is no secret job seekers are finding refuge in online jobs. The jobs opportunities have many benefits beyond what most people fathom in the contemporary job market.

Online jobs that pay wellSome of the obvious benefits of working online include;

  • Flexibility
  • No extensive training require
  • They pay more per hour than the normal office jobs
  • They are from all field without restrictions as long as you have the skills

Landing an online job is an easy process, which many have followed and have ended up succeeding in the business. Here is a list of 30 online jobs, which one can choose from without limitations to the number of choices.

Online jobs that pay well



Legitimate online jobs that pay well

  1. Data entry jobs

5Data entry is one of most legitimate online jobs that really pay, and a growing market which is making work-from-home more lucrative. Technological advancement makes it possible for organizations to outsource individuals to work on their data entry projects. A typical online data entry job pays $ 10 and $ 17 per hour. The work is flexible, with a flexible work schedule and with no specific amount of work, one need to take.

Data entry jobs entail:

  • Collecting and entering data to a database
  • Compiling, sorting and determining entry priorities
  • Reviewing data, reconciling the deficiencies
  • Maintaining accurate database

A data entry person must have good typing and data entry skills, be organized, pay attention to details, discrete, undertake informed decision-making, analyzing skills and thoroughness.

Examples of website that provide such jobs include;


DionData solutions

The Smart Crowd

The downside to the job is the relatively low pay; one needs more time to make high income.

  1. Transcription jobs

Are you a keen listener? If yes, the transcription jobs are for you. Coupled with excellent typing skills of 60 WPM, one qualifies to be a transcriber. Transcription entails listening to an audio file and recording them as a text in a document.  Efficient and accurate transcriptionists are on high demand. One needs a home computer that plays audio, a good set of headphones and for some companies, transcription software, which is free. One starts with a few entry-level jobs and as the experience grows, so does the job. Some companies require one to type 75WPM. The pros to this job is a flexible work schedule, one can work from anywhere. However, it has tight deadlines and requires high language proficiency levels.

For a starter, one can go to websites such as and 3playmedi among others. A transcriber working with these companies can earn between $20 and $45 per hour depending on their level of experience.

  1. Blogging

Blogging involves creating a website and writing about a topic one is passionate about. Bloggers can live comfortably without having to get employment. Bloggers create blogs either to earn money from writing articles on them or by selling the blogs to companies. Quality blogs fetch up to $100k dollars a month. Bloggers enjoy work and schedule flexibility since it is an online job.

Ways to make money through blogging:

            • Advertising: this involves placing ads on your website
            • Affiliate marketing which involves promoting other businesses at a fee
            • Products and services; as a blogger you can sell your own products and services to your readers
            • Sponsored content; a blogger can partner with other brands and get paid

It is great source of passive income. A blogger does not have to be a techie nor a professional writer. It requires passion.  However, it requires patience since it can take time for your blog to pick up and start running.

  1. Drop shipping

DropshippingDrop-shipping is offers wide range of jobs you can do online, and it entails creating an online store where customers can order and buy your products. A drop-shipper does not have physical items in a store. Once a customer orders a product, he or she buys the products directly from a manufacturer and ship them to the customer.

Advantages of starting a dropshipping business

                      1. One does not need to capital for an upfront inventory
                      2. It is easier to manage since one does not deal with physical products
                      3. Location flexibility; the business can operate from anywhere at any time.
                      4. It offers a wide range of products that customers can choose.

However, running such an online business may lead to shipping complexities especially when dealing with multiple manufacturers. One needs to be careful with supplies to avoid errors. Shopify, is one of top sites that provides guidelines on how to start a dropshipping business.

  1. Copywriting

Online side hustlesYou can easily find a legitimate job online that involves copywriting. This a great opportunity for those who are good in writing to find online jobs from home that pay well. It is one of the lucrative side hustles on demand. A copywriter can write for bloggers, social media, magazines and media publications. One does not need to be a professional write in order to succeed in freelance writing. Sharing one’s simple knowledge and personal experience on an issue is a starter at freelance writing that can earn you money. The job requires a passionate writer. Considering the dozens of other writers vying for such jibs, choosing the right niche and following passion can launch one’s successful career in freelance writing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a freelance writer earns up to $30 an hour.

Some freelance writing sites to check out (among other): Upworthy, Narratively, Babble, and

  1. Proofreading jobs

Proofreading jobs require one to spot grammar and spelling mistakes in various articles. The job requires no certification hence any online job seeker can work on it. However, a proofreader needs to have an eye for details and reading proficiency to make solid money. One can proofread books, website content, audio transcripts and academic papers among others. Such a gig requires no certification. The job is on high demand and one can land their first client as soon as they begin. Different companies have different needs depending on one’s experience and skills. One can undergo proofreading courses online to sharpen his or her skills. On average, a proofreading job fetches $17.50 per hour. The job comes with a level of flexibility and freedom to fit one’s schedule. An online proofreader job is different from that of an editor.

Examples of websites the provide such jobs include Flexjobs, Fiverr, SCRIBENDI among others.

  1. Social media manager

I can not lie to you, social media manager is one of the best online jobs. The technological world has led to social media being popular nowadays considering everyone has an account in various social media platforms. People who spend quality time on such platforms can make money at the same time as a social media manager.

The social media manager job entails managing a company’s social media accounts. The online job involves creating posts, responding to questions, messages and inquiries and replying to comments from clients. Most business owners run busy schedules and lack the time to make consistent updates to their social media profiles; hence the need of a social media manager to give prompt responses to customer requests through such platforms.

Such a job earns one between $20 and $100 per hour depending on the work and number of clients. Big money streams from one’s ability to deploy paid advertising like Facebook ads. One needs skills to post, curate, manage content on the channels and use micro-targeting to create new customer leads.

  1. YouTube channels

YouTube job requires an individual who is comfortable in front of the camera. It is one of the internet jobs from home that pay well buy require high dedication and possibly talent. Some do YouTube videos as a hobby while others earn money through them. One can create a YouTube about a topic of interest to them.

Today, social media gets flooded with YouTubers who create videos and upload on their channels. As the views to a specific video increase and the number of followers or subscribers, one can run ads on their videos and are paid by subscribing to Google Adsense.

Commercializing your YouTube channel depends on building a loyal following. YouTube channels with more views and subscribers open a chance of working with various brands in sponsored videos. YouTube gigs have enough flexibility.

One has control over their time and the type of content they upload on their channels.  YouTube videos are diverse and can be filmed from any place. Creating a YouTube channel is free and easy with the relevant guidelines and steps to follow. An average YouTube Channel can receive $18 per 1,000 views on an Ad.

  1. Niche website creator

Niche Website creator refers to creating websites or blogs that offer solution to problems through information. For online job seekers, one needs to first set up a website with a domain and hosting. Secondly, public relevant content aiming specific words and lastly, have a reliable traffic strategy.

Niche websites can be for pure entertainment articles, viral stories, how-to articles, insights, and trending news. A niche website offers high traffic and consequently high income for either college students or anyone seeking online employment.

Creating a niche website can include allowing people to write on the site making it grow. As it grows, the traffic increases and the income starts streaming in. once can choose to monetize their website through display advertisement, affiliate marketing or selling products and services.

  1. Online advertiser

online jobs that involve advertising require expertise. This demands the combination of SEO, graphic design and copywriting knowledge. Companies today are utilizing the digital market space. As digital media flourishes, the national economy does too with realization of the power of online marketing. Online job seekers can tap into the online advertiser job opportunities to make some cash. An online advertiser provides advertising space and opportunities to organizations and individuals for them to display their products and services.

  • The online job requires one to:
  • Identify and get in touch with potential clients,
  • Modify sales strategies to suit different clients
  • advertising marketing materials and strategies
  • Create and maintain client accounts
  • Research and analyze internet sales and advertising trends

Being an online advertiser requires strong interpersonal skills, creativity, and persistence within the digital landscape. The online job comes with the pros of no geographical restriction.

  1. Product tester

Product tester is one of the online jobs that require someone to know how to test products. Product testing involves reviewing a company’s product or service before it is launched in the market. This online job fits stay at home mothers or college students with a flexible schedule. Companies do product testing for information to make necessary improvements before releasing their product.

The diverse opinions from individuals help companies under the public’s perception about the product. The online job may entail testing an app, a website, a music streaming service or a physical product. For physical products, companies you an actual product with instruction on how to use.

They allow one to keep the product in exchange for an honest review. Payment for product testing depends on the number and types of programs an individual joins. Some profitable sites that offer product testing include Vindale Research , Pinecone Research (Nielson)  and JJ Friends & Neighbors (Johnson & Johnson).

  1. Cosigner

Online job seekers or college students can engage in consignment business as a beneficial side hustle. The online job entails creating a website for selling quality used products at a substantial discount. One needs to set up a virtual store for clients to sell products they wish to dispose at an affordable price.

What is a co-signer?

A co-signer is another person who also takes full responsibility to pay back the loan.

Engaging in such online jobs require one to identify the type of merchandise to sell. It can be a single line of product or variety. It also requires one to create a website. Stay at home parents, college students or any online job seeker can outsource an individual to create a website for them. Running a consignment business is similar to a traditional business apart from being online. It will require getting licenses, paying taxes and meeting clients’ needs.

  1. Selling textbooks

Selling textbooks online is money making side hustle for any online job-seeking individual. College students can actually spend minimal time selling books online and earn a living. Books that fit this online job range from used or second hand books, modern first edition books, out of print used books and even collectible and antiques.

Individual seeking such job need to know where to find the boos to sell such as at thrift stores as good will, looking through used books shelves to find books. After finding the books, one can sell the books on books selling websites such as eBay , Amazon ,  and for college students. The business requires effort and commitment to go source for the books.

  1. Virtual assistant

Get a job online virtual assistant job today and start making money. Many small companies that cannot offer full time jobs prefer outsourcing workers. Virtual assistant must have good administrative skills while working on specific projects. It also requires good organization, communication and web-based skills.

There are many places to find virtual assistant jobs from home. Sites like Upwork or virtual offer links to organizations that require virtual assistant jobs with a compensation of as low as $10 per hour. However, the pay varies depending on the hours and actual work.  Common virtual assistant jobs include answering mails, booking travel for the company managers and staff, managing social media websites, scheduling appointments with clients among others.


  1. Online ads clicking jobs

Online ads clicking jobsThe online job is exclusively designed for individuals who want to make money online easily. Other sites refer to this online job as ad viewing jobs, ad watching job or seeing job. Ad clicking jobs stands out as the easiest way to generate significant income.

The online job has a flexible timeline and has no geographical restriction. It is opportunity for one to control his or her financial success. The online job does not require prior experience. Additionally one does not need to be a techie since there is no special software or hardware required.

The pay for online ad clicking jobs depends on the number of hours one chooses to work with. It solely depends on clicking an ad of a sponsor website and staying on the page for a specific amount of time. Examples of sites that offer such online jobs include NEOBUX , YSENSE  and SCARLET CLICKS

  1. Graphic Designer

Graphic DesignerGraphic design is among the fastest growing online job that one can do at the comfort of their homes. With the advancement in technology and the diversification of marketing of products online, many organizations are hiring online graphic designers to help communicate their brand. A good graphic designer would be a creative thinker, open-minded, collaborative team player and innovative in sense that they have the ability to transform ideas into more attractive outcome. Earning as a graphic designer online would greatly depend on the nature of work being done. On estimation, one would earn $50 per hour.

Graphic design would require skills such as;

                        • Style building
                        • Typography design
                        • Outline skill
                        • Layout optimization
                        • Knowledge in color principles
                        • Project management
                        • Business acumen

  1. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencing is one of the most paying online job that one can think of. A majority of the people who have ventured in this art make an average of $1300 to $3000 per post. Social media influencers are individuals who have established credibility in a specific industry. They have access to large audience online and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Many companies have realized the importance of using social media influencers as they help in product endorsement and placements. The quality of the content will go a great way in determining the kind of impression you will make on potential partners.

A good social media influencer would require;

                        • Strategic planning
                        • Tactics and Execution
                        • Creative mindset
                        • Optimizing content and Technology
  1. Resume Writing

A resume is often an employer’s first impression of a person. Writing a resume for someone would require much precision and keen to details not to alter a person’s information. Not only does a person’s resume have to look good for employers, but it also needs to include certain words and phrases so it appears in search.

Resume WritingPeople prefer to hire a professional who can frame their experiences in a way that allows them to command the attention of the best companies in their industry. A resume writer needs to be very keen with details, have a good vocabulary and knowledge of the various market needs. An online resume writer makes an average of $2.50 per hour.

Example of website that offer resume writing jobs are;

  1. Online Tutor

A Tutor plays a multifaceted role of assisting students in their academic learning. They are knowledgeable and have expertise in specific discipline to provide tutelage. A tutor views learning as a process of comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Online tutoring is an area that is really growing rapidly. Many people find it easier to access learning material online than any other way. Online tutoring entails teaching people within a virtual environment. The method employs different methodologies in its delivery of content to students.

Skills needed to effectively deliver on online tutoring are;

                                    • Interpersonal skills
                                    • Tech skills
                                    • Communication skills.
  1. Video Editing

Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging different video shots and scenes in order to come up with a new single work. It allows you to create studio-quality movies right from your house. Video editing blends images and sound to make people feel emotionally connected. It includes trimming, re-sequencing clips and adding transitions and other special effects. A video editor earns between $75 to $150 per hour.

A video editor needs to be;

                    • Thorough and pay attention to details
                    • Knowledge and media production and communication
                    • A team player
                    • Flexible and open-minded
                    • Creative and innovative

Examples of company website that offer video editing jobs is Insignia.

  1. Online Seller

Online selling of products is one of the easiest and quickest way businesses can improve on their profits and become successful. Online selling is an e-commerce that allows sellers to directly offer goods and services to buyers over the internet using a website. An online seller must be aggressive, flexible and open-minded to be able to the market gap. One has to be very creative and up-to-date with new information in the market.

  1. Buying and Selling Website

This is an e-commerce platform that companies use to do online trade. It is the easiest way to make money at the comfort of your home. One has to keep up with the changes in technological advancements to be able to create more traffic to the website. Many organizations want a website that is very active and profitable. For the website to be active, you need to;

  • Have the ability to troubleshoot website issues in a fast pacing environment
  • Be keen to details with analytical mind.
  • Be a good content creator and writer
  • Be able to multitask

Where to sell your website:

  1. Amazon seller

With the rise of online business, people look for commodities that are legit from prominent and trusted online marketing platforms. Many people shop on Amazon currently hence it provides the best opportunity for everyone to sell on the website.

Through the use of arbitrage, one can earn around $15 – $100 per hour depending on your vigorous engagement with clients. The concept is simple although sometimes for a starter it can be tedious. Basically, one needs to find discounted physical product at the local stores, then sell them at a profit on Amazon.

The only challenge on this form of online job is understanding the profit margin, which can sometimes be chipped away due to Amazon’s seller’ fee, time spent or shipping expenses.

However, for those who are out and doing marketing jobs, then this is an opportunity for you.

  1. Online Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and budgeting have similarities although budgeting relates more to an individual and bookkeeping to businesses. Bookkeeping helps in keeping track on the progress of any transaction or event one is undertaking individually or collectively.

The ideas you use to have neat and well-updated records can be of a hep to someone else once shared. There are people looking for templates or sample of records and willing to pay for the same.

If you have comprehensive and a strict budget at your home and you have the will, you can share your methods with other families.  Through the right approach and good marketing strategy, one can earn $20 – $60 per hour.

One can consider marketing the budgeting consulting services on Fiverr, social Media or your own services website.

  1. Photographer jobs

One might find it to be ridiculous when told to sell photos at teenage age. However, have you ever thought about it? Are you one of those people that when you take a picture from your phone people the subject is praiseworthy by your friends? Maybe you have a talent in photography but you do not know.

When you have a talent in photography, you can use it to land a great online job.  People start showing their interest in this field while quite young hence it is easy to notice the talent.

One can establish an area of specialization such as nature, real estate, farming among other fields and specialize on taking such images.  One can earn around 15% to 45% of every image copy that a website sells.

There are many places one can sell photos such as Depositphotos and Smugbug among other places

  1. Course creator

One can be a good online teacher but there is need for creating content and outline of each subject told whether online or in a physical classroom. Creating an online course for teachers is a great opportunity for online job seekers.

You can at any time choose literally any topic that you are well vast with and create an in depth course and outline that teaches others on how to do.

The most common methods of creating courses is the “How to” courses since they walk students through a series of steps in a very – to – follow way. Upon completion of creating the course, one can publish it with some promotional and affiliated partners.

Platforms that can be of help for starters include Udemy and Course Hero since they are places that pay weekly. Students subscribed to such websites will get updates of the course when you make them. The job pays 30% – 60% of the selling price to each student.

  1. Online tutoring

Gigs online for teachers are another excellent paying online Job. As an online teacher, you need to understand what jobs pay weekly since this is a very dynamic gig. People looking for side online jobs that should come between your daily teaching schedules should consider picking up gigs.

One can look for specific gigs that seek for teachers to complete. The work pays on an average of $10 to $20 per hour.

Some of the websites where one can set up account and look for such work include GigEd and TeacherEd. Through such sites, you can bid jobs that suit you.

  1. Join Microworkers

Microworkers are individuals who do jobs that pay the same day you work. Just as the name suggest, microworkers complete small and quick tasks for small units of money within a short period of time.

Such online tasks start as low as $5. One can wonder how one will survive with $5. However, think of this, you can complete like ten short task within an hour hence end up making $50 per hour.

Micro freelancing is here to stay as demand continues to grow. If you want to make money in your spare time there has never been a better time to try micro freelancing. Anyone interested in this form of online work can check out Strong Estate’s Fiverr Operation

  1. Amazon MTurk – Short Task

Another great opportunity for online job seekers, teenagers and college students that pay well include signing up and performing short tasks at the Amazon website. Amazon MTurk implies that you have access to a vast pool of tasks that are short.

Does amazon pay weekly? Some Amazon pay you instantly and others on a weekly basis. Some of the jobs entail picking and choosing a task that you are interested in doing such as transcription, data entry or image tagging.

It is possible to be paid every single day with Amazon MTurk. After the task requester approves your work, you can request payout with as little as $1 in your account.

Payments are sent via direct deposit to your bank, or you have the option to spend the money on Amazon.

  1. Horde to alliance translator

This is those 1 day jobs for those who are multilingual. It is one of the best paying online jobs that job seekers can engage themselves in for earnings.

If you are seeking for such a type of job and you have the required skills, then you can make about $30 – $80 per hour.

Example of a site that offers such jobs is Language Line