online side hustles

Online side hustles are many, and present a better chance make an extra coin. Rather than sit and think without getting a resolution, go online and find those opportunities that can make a good buck online. With so much information existing about online side hustles, it is advisable to seek those that provide legit information. Therevenuepost offers some interesting tips on online side hustles, with a great focus on the specific businesses one can start with little capital requirements. Started and operated by an economist, you bet the information provided is well-researched and will serve your needs.

Online side hustles

Online Side Husstles

Blogging as an online side hustle

Blogging can earn you extra cash hence it is one of the best ways to do side hustling. The practice may take time to establish like a month or two but has zero cost implications while starting up.

Bloggers can live comfortably without having to get employment. Bloggers create blogs either to earn money from writing articles on them or by selling the blogs to companies.

Some people start blogging as a side hustle but eventually grow up to leave their permanent job to blog as full time job.

Quality blogs fetch up to $10k dollars a month.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing jobs

You have a passion for writing, then seek freelance writing since it is a on of the legit online side hustles. Most people do writing for fun.

If you are such a person, you can convert this into money through doing online writing.

A freelance writer can write for blogs, social media, magazines and media publications.

One does not need to be a professional write in order to succeed in freelance writing.

Sharing one’s simple knowledge and personal experience on an issue is a starter at freelance writing that can earn you money.

Income Potential:  $500-$10,000+ per month

Social media manager

Social media manager
Social media manager

People who spend quality time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter can make money at the same time as a social media manager.

One can capitalize of managing social media platforms business people, politicians, or for companies.

The online job involves creating posts, responding to questions, messages and inquiries and replying to comments from clients.

Income Potential:  $20-$100 per hour depending on the work and number of clients

Running a YouTube channel

Today, social media gets flooded with YouTubers who create videos and upload on their channels.

As the views to a specific video increase and the number of followers or subscribers, one can run ads on their videos and are paid by subscribing to Google Adsense.

Today, social media gets flooded with YouTubers who create videos and upload on their channels.

As the views to a specific video increase and the number of followers or subscribers, one can run ads on their videos and are paid by subscribing to Google Adsense.

Income Potential:  YouTube Channel can receive $18 per 1,000 views on an ad

Tutoring over Skype

Tutoring over Skype
Skype tutoring jobs

Skype offers an opportunity for side hustling where one can teach all over the world with suitable arrangements with the learner. It is a best way to make money online through offering lessons to your contact lists.

One can tutor people over Skype, no matter where you might live. This is great, especially if you are a digital nomad and you are looking to earn more money than the local job market can potentially provide.

Niche website creator

Niche Website creator refers to creating websites or blogs that offer ,solution to problems through information. For online job seekers, one needs to first set up a website with a domain and hosting. Secondly, public relevant content aiming specific words and lastly, have a reliable traffic strategy.

Niche websites can be for pure entertain meant articles, viral stories, how-to articles, insights, and trending news. A niche website offers high traffic and consequently high income for either college students or anyone seeking online employment.

Creating a niche website can include allowing people to write on the site making it grow. As it grows, the traffic increases and the income starts streaming in. once can choose to monetize their website through display advertisement, affiliate marketing or selling products and services.

Translation and interpretation as an online side hustle

If you are fluent in other languages other than English, you can make extra cash through translating online pages into English from other languages.

The online job is a good side hustle that enables one to undertake it as a part time job and earn extra coin.

Income Potential: If you are seeking for such a type of job and you have the required skills, then you can make about $30 – $80 per hour


Transcribing involves listening to an audio and writing the message or info in words is one of the ideal online side hustles you should try.

Coupled with excellent typing skills of 60 WPM, one qualifies to be a transcriber. Transcription entails listening to an audio file and recording them as a text in a document.

Income Potential: A transcriber has an earning potential of $20 to $45 an hour

Appenscribe: $25 an hour jobs near me

Appenscribe is a trusted transcription website and allows everyone to register. They have no limitations. You limit yourself based on your level of skills.
Is this a $25 an hour jobs near me? Yes, it is. Take your laptop, register and start to make money.

Casting words

Castingwords is a transcription company that pays its workers to transcribe audio and video content from home. Check the castingwords workshop to know their rates and start making money. Of course castingwords offers audio transcription jobs that will pay you well. Try them and you will not regret.

Data entry clerk jobs

Another side hustle that can save you in 20202 is data entry from home. These are job that involve organizing data and filling worksheets for ease of analysis and interpretation. 

Data entry remote jobs entails:

                    • Collecting and entering data to a database
                    • Compiling, sorting and determining entry priorities
                    • Reviewing data, reconciling the deficiencies
                    • Maintaining accurate database

Data entry work from home jobs

Examples of website that provide data entry work from home jobs include Clickworker, DionData solutions and The Smart Crowd 

Create online courses

Are you a teacher? Do you have experience in a given subject and you have ability to create a course for that subject or unit? Then there is an opportunity for you online where you can make money through creating online courses.

There are online platform like Udemy or Teachable where you can create content and leverage some of your skills to create a healthy income


One can earn extra cash through proofreading various articles online while free. A side hustle pays well for those who have an eye for details and reading proficiency.

Proofreading jobs require one to spot grammar and spelling mistakes in various articles. The job requires no certification hence any online job seeker can work on it.

The job is on high demand and one can land their first client as soon as they begin. Different companies have different needs depending on one’s experience and skills.

Income Potential: On average, a proofreading job fetches $17.50 per hour.

Online advertiser

An online advertiser job entails selling online advertising space and opportunities to organizations and individuals.

One can make money online through exploring this option to the companies that utilize the digital market space.

The online job requires one to:

                        • Identify and get in touch with potential clients,
                        • Modify sales strategies to suit different clients
                        • advertising marketing materials and strategies
                        • Create and maintain client accounts
                        • Research and analyze internet sales and advertising trends


Online job seekers or college students can engage in consignment business as a beneficial side hustle. The online job entails creating a website for selling quality used products at a substantial discount.

Engaging in such online jobs require one to identify the type of merchandise to sell. It can be a single line of product or variety. It also requires one to create a website.

Running a consignment business is similar to a traditional business apart from being online. It will require getting licenses, paying taxes and meeting clients’ needs.

Clicking adds online

When surfing during your free time, you can convert this into cash through clicking adverts for payment. The online job is exclusively designed for individuals who want to make money online easily.

This is one of the ways one can make extra cash online without prior experience. One does not need to be a techie since there is no special software or hardware required.

Examples of sites that offer such online jobs include NEOBUX, YSENSE and SCARLET CLICKS

Graphic designer

If you have experience in graphic design, it is amongst the fastest growing online job that you can venture in as side hustle in 2020.

Example of website that offer instant online graphic design jobs include Freelance graphic design online

Graphic design would require skills such as,

                            • Style building
                            • Typography design
                            • Outline skill
                            • Layout optimization
                            • Knowledge in color principles
                            • Project management
                            • Business acumen

Resume writing services

Many people are looking for job and have all the qualifications and experience. However, they face a challenge in writing a convincing resume to the employer.

Writing a resume for someone is of the online and offline side hustles that require much precision and keen to details not to alter a person’s information. Not only does a person’s resume have to look good for employers, but it also needs to include certain words and phrases so it appears in search.

If you have such a skill, you can earn extra coins through writing CVs to different clients.

Income Potential: An online resume writer makes an average of $2.50 per hour.

Example of website that offer resume writing jobs are;

UPWORK provide great resume writing workshops that can help you earn while sharping your writing skills.

17.  Respond to questions on JustAnswer.

There are many websites, which require your opinion on a specific subject where your answer can pay you some cash.

Websites like JustAnswer pay you to answer professional questions. If you have a high-level skill such, as experience in law, medicine or information technology, you could get paid to help others navigate certain topics or areas of contention that they might be faced with in life.

18.  Create YouTube tutorials.

Although this is not the quickest way you can make money with a side income, creating YouTube tutorials can help you earn a respectable amount of income as long as what you deliver is engaging and keeps people interested for long enough. You could also use free tutorials to up-sell viewers on products and services you might be offering.

Video editing

Editing jobs is the process of manipulating and rearranging different video shots and scenes in order to come up with a new single work. It allows you to create studio-quality movies right from your house. Video editing jobs blends images and sound to make people feel emotionally connected. It includes trimming, re-sequencing clips and adding transitions and other special effects.

A video editor needs to be;

                    • Thorough and pay attention to details
                    • Knowledge and media production and communication
                    • A team player
                    • Flexible and open-minded
                    • Creative and innovative

Income Potential: A video editor earns between $75 to $150 per hour.

Selling eBooks online

College students can actually spend minimal time selling books online and earn a living. Books that fit this online job range from used or second hand books, modern first edition books, out of print used books and even collectible and antiques.

Selling the ebooks therefor a money making side hustle for any online job seeking individual. One can make extra cash depending on the number of books one sells.

After finding the books, one can sell the books on books selling websites such as eBay , Amazon , BookSpouter  and CampusBookRentals for college students. The business requires effort and commitment to go source for the books.

Creating niche websites

Niche websites can be for pure entertainment articles, viral stories, how-to articles, insights, and trending news. A niche website is an online and offline side hustles that offers high traffic and consequently, high income for either college students or anyone seeking online employment.

Niche Website creator refers to creating websites or blogs that offer a solution to problems through information. For online job seekers, one needs to first set up a website with a domain and hosting. Secondly, public relevant content aiming specific words and lastly, have a reliable traffic strategy.

Being an online advertiser requires strong interpersonal skills, creativity, and persistence within the digital landscape. The online job comes with the pros of no geographical restriction.

Virtual assistant

Ever went into a website, and a chat box link popped requesting for you to get its assistance? Ever enjoyed virtual assistance on any website while looking for services and products in it?

You can be a virtual assistant and help other people who visit specific websites. Many small companies that cannot offer full-time jobs prefer outsourcing workers. A virtual assistant must have excellent administrative skills while working on specific projects. It also requires excellent organization, communication and web-based skills.

Sites like Upwork or Zirtual offer links to organizations that require virtual assistant jobs with a compensation of as low as $10 per hour.

Teaching online

Teaching online is an online and offline side hustles that serves to provide learners with better flexible learning opportunities. A Tutor plays a multifaceted role in assisting students in their academic learning. They are knowledgeable and have expertise in specific disciplines to provide tutelage. A tutor views learning as a process of comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Online tutoring is an area that is proliferating. Many people find it easier to access learning material online than in any other way. Online tutoring entails teaching people within a virtual environment. The method employs different methodologies in its delivery of content to students.

Skills needed to deliver on online tutoring effectively are;

                        • Interpersonal skills
                        • Tech skills
                        • Communication skills.

Examples of websites that offer tutor jobs;


24.  Selling/Flipping Stuff

The side hustle involves finding great deals on accessories, clothing, furniture, electronics, and other goods or services so you can sell them to a client and make a profit.

The goods can be found at an outlet and discount stores, garage sales, consignment shops, and clearance sales, then sell them through platforms like eBay and target.

If you are not interested in flipping, you can sell the items you already have lying around your home.

Other people even take a picture of the commodity and sell them on social media platforms to their followers.

25.  Sell services on Fiverr.

Have you ever heard of the Gig Economy? Fiver is one of the harms that give birth to this economy. For the starters who want to do side hustling online, Fiverr is the best platform to make extra cash where one can start at $5.

Through full establishment, Fiverr seller can earn six-figure plus revenue per year.

You can sell just about anything on this platform, but to succeed and become a Super Seller, you need to deliver massive amounts of value, even at those lower price-points.