Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket has everything that our furry friends need. It has also established stores in a dozen states that offer care products and services. It takes pride in the positive impact it has on the lives of pets and their owners. If you are reading this, then it means you are interested in working in a Pet Supermarket or own a pet that needs tender care. So, address all your pet care needs, as we answer the questions you might have about them.

How Much Does Pet Supermarket Pay

It has a competitive compensation program for the workers compared to many other retail businesses. The sales representatives receive an average hourly pay of $8.27. The workers in the position of Retail Assistant Manager in the stores receive $9.97 per hour. The cashiers are paid $8.53 per hour. The Assistant Store Managers, Store Manager, and groomers are paid the highest. The store managers receive $41,700 per year, $30,412 per year for the Assistant Store Managers, and 30,025 for expert groomers.

How Much Does Pet Supermarket Pay


Employees Benefits and Perks

Pet Supermarket provides generous benefits plans for its workers. The company offers retirement and financial benefits to the workers through the 401(K) and profit-sharing plans. The pension plans help its workers to invest for retirement, and the company also makes a contribution. It offers worker health and insurance benefits. The employees are eligible for health, dental, and vision insurance plans.

Pet Supermarket also provides group life insurance, long-term disability insurance, which will offer income replacement for employees that cannot work because of an injury or illness. Workers also have short-term disability insurance. They also enjoy the benefit of a flexible working schedule that enables the workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Workers also have paid time off.

Pet Supermarket Near Me

Pet Supermarket has multiple stores spread out in various states. The table below shows the states and the cities where you can find Pet Supermarket stores.

State Cities
Alabama Gardendale, Northport, Birmingham, Montgomery, rainbow city
California Tahoe
Florida Ocala, Mount Dora, Clermont
Georgia Macon, Albany, McDonough
Kentucky Lexington, Nashville, Clinton, Kingston Pike
North Carolina Southern Pines, Burlington, Cary, Fayetteville, Raleigh, Greensboro, Rock Hill,  Hickory
South Carolina Lexington, Matthews
Texas Killeen, Marble Falls, Hutton, Arlington
Tennessee Franklin, Bellevue, Kingston Pike
Nevada Sparks


The Allowed age to work in Pet Supermarket

If you are interested in working for Pet Supermarket, you should be aware of the age restriction. Pet Supermarket hires people above 18 years. Many of the jobs in this company involve lots of customer advisory, which is why they have to employ people of the right age who can interact and communicate well with customers. The company will ask for proof of age, such as an identity card or driving license.

The stores offer highly sensitive services, such as vaccination and grooming. Therefore, involving minors can lead to disastrous results, and it would be impossible to earn customers’ trust.

The Hiring Process

The company advertises the available opportunities on its careers page of the website.  The career opportunities are in three categories. They have people working in the head office, stores, and warehouses. The careers page appears as shown below.

The company allows online applications only. The following are the details that the applicant  will need to submit in their online application form;

  • Do you have a history of working for Pet Supermarket- If the answer is yes, you will have to provide the dates of when you started and stopped working and the location of the store.
  • Are you related to an employee at Pet Supermarket-If yes, you might have to give their name
  • Criminal record-If yes, you must give details.
  • Age
  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Position desired
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • City
  • State

Other information submitted include

  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Availability

Once you are short-listed for the position, you will undergo a professional interview process to confirm your suitability for the position.

Pet Supermarket Operating Hours

Pet Supermarket stores are open every day of the week. From Monday to Saturday, the retail stores open at 9 am, and they close by 9 pm. On Sundays, they open the stores at 10 am and close at 7 pm.

The long open hours make it convenient for customers to visit the store. Even the people that get out of work late, they can still catch the store opened. The other advantage it offers customers is by opening during weekends. This is when many people are free to restock on pets’ food, and purchase other products and services, such as grooming services.

Pet Supermarket Services

VIP Petcare

VIP Petcare is one of the services that are offered in Pet Supermarket stores. It is a convenient, quality in-store vaccination service. A client does not have to book an appointment to access this preventive care for their dog or cat. One just has to walk in into a Pet Supermarket retail store closest to their location to access this service.

VIP rewardsVIP Petcare services are offered using vaccines of the highest quality, and the providers are licensed veterinarians. They use the current medical standards in the administration of the vaccine. The pet will also undergo an evaluation to determine its other needs. The provider also recommends the best care to pet owners.

The VIP Petcare services are affordable to ensure that all people can access the care that is needed to keep their pets healthy, safe, and happy. We know that many people, even in low-income households, also have pets. Therefore, Pet Supermarket makes it possible for their pets to receive preventive care. Other services offered under VIP Petcare include microchipping and prescribing preventative medication for fleas, ticks, and heartworms.

Grooming Tail’s

Grooming Tail’s is a service that is provided in Pet Supermarket stores. This service aims to help pet owners keep their pets looking good and feeling their best. It consists of full-service grooming salons, and the service providers are committed to providing a personalized experience. Pet owners have access to the finest and friendly grooming experience for their pets and competitive prices.

The service includes an 8-Point Check to evaluate the pet’s needs because different pets have different needs. There are various services that a pet owner can choose from, according to the grooming needs of their pet. Their prices are based on the type of service and size of the pet.

The grooming experts understand that it takes a high-level trust for someone to leave their pet in someone else’s hands, and so they take the best care of the pet as if their own. The company ensures that each of the groomers undergoes annual certification to ensure they can deliver a safe and healthy grooming experience.

The pet owner has to call for an appointment, which makes is possible to deliver a personalized experience. They can either drop their pet off at the store for the grooming appointment, pick it later, or wait until the session is completed. In addition to a bath and a trim, the other services offered are nails trim, face trim, feet trim, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

  Self-Service Dog Wash

Pet Supermarket stores include pet washing stations, with all the items that one needs to bath their pet. These include aprons, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and high-quality professional driers. The washing stations are well elevated, allowing one to wash their pet comfortably. The water is also well-heated. The company charges $10 per dog. Self-service Dog Wash is targeting the people that do not have pet washing stations in their homes.

Adoption Services

Pet Supermarket offers pet adoption services. The company works in collaboration with rescue centers to find loving homes for different types of pets. Some of the stores are fitted with cat and dog houses to showcase to customers that visit the stores the pets available for adoption. Therefore, even as one is shopping for their pet, they may get interested in getting another one.

The stores also organize for adoption drives to push for the adoption of pets in rescue centers. These pets need loving homes where they will be taken good care of. The campaigns create awareness to the public about animal adoption.

Pet Supermarket Products

Pet Supermarket stores premium best dog food and other supplies for dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small animals. Customers can expect that the products they purchase from Pet Supermarket are of high quality. The table below shows the product categories for different kinds of pets.

Dogs Food Treats Supplies
Dry food

Wet food

Freeze-dried food

Biscuit treats

Bone and natural chews

Natural treats

Training treats

Soft and chew treats

Freeze-dried treats

Dental treats



Dental care

Carrier and travel

Health and wellness


Collar and leashes

Clean up and waste control

Cats Food and Treats Litter & Accessories Supplies
Dry food

Wet food

Freeze-dried food


Food toppers

Litter boxes

Litter waste disposal

Litter accessories


Dental care

Health and wellness



Furniture & scratches

Collars and leashes

Cleaning & repellent

Bowls & feeding

Fish Food Supplies  
Goldfish food

Bottom feeders food

Koi and pond fish food

Bottom feeders

Fish care

Water care


Décor & accessories

Heat & Lighting

Cleaning & maintenance


Birds Food Supplies
Bird food

Wild bird food

Bird treats

Health and wellness



Cages & accessories

Small pets Food and Treats Supplies



Health and grooming









Reptile Food Supplies
Reptile food Health and wellness








Pet Supermarket Reviews

As we explained before, Pet Supermarket offers various products that customers can purchase from the company’s stores or order online. It also provides some services inside the stores. Here we will discuss what customers think about the Pet Supermarket. The review indicates the things that the company is doing right and the aspects needing improvement or change.

The Good

  • VIP Petcare– it is one of the services provided in Pet Supermarket stores. This service has received many positive reviews because it focuses on offering high-quality preventive care to pets. Customers appreciate that qualified veterinarians provide Petcare services. The other good thing about it is that no appointment is needed to access the service.
  • VIP rewards- Customers also like when they can earn points for every purchase they make from any of the company stores. They reward one point for every dollar spent. The customer can then redeem 100 points for a discount of $5 in their next purchase. A person also earns a free Self-Service Dog wash after six washes.
  • Offer one-stop-shop experience- Pet Supermarket stores are unique because they offer all that a customer needs under one roof. Customers appreciate that apart from availing a variety of products, Pet Supermarket also offers essential services, such as vaccination.
  • Affordable– the products and services in Pet Supermarket are reasonably priced compared to other competitor stores. The low prices make it easy for more people to take good care of these pets.
  • The online shop is user-friendly– The interface of the company’s online retail shop is well developed. This makes it easy for online customers to search for products and place their orders.

The bad

  • Limited location- customers do not like that Pet Supermarket has opened stores in just ten states. This limitation locks out customers in other states who would have loved to access the Pet Supermarket stores’ services, such a vaccination, grooming, and others. Although they can order products online, they cannot use the services in retail locations.
  • No auto-ship program– this limitation prevents recurring customers from scheduling the shipping of the products they need for their pets. It is a problem that denies customers the convenience of ordering. If it were available, then customers would not be running out of food for their pets.
  • VIP rewards restrictions– The program is useful to customers, but it contains some aspects that are not favorable to customers.