Price is right baby shower game

A baby shower is the most exciting moment for any expectant mother, and it is planned close to the baby’s arrival. The price is right baby shower game plan provides a clear for a baby shower to celebrate the pregnant mum as she nears the time to deliver her bundle of joy. It should be a fun day. Price is right baby shower game can bring the enjoyment needed in this event, and the price is right is the perfect game for a baby shower.

The price is right baby shower game

The price is right baby shower game The price is right baby shower game is meant to keep the guests entertained.  It tests the guests’ knowledge of prices for various baby items. The good thing about this game is that it is enjoyable for people of all ages. If the baby shower has both young and older people, all will have a good time. It will also encourage them to interact, making the party livelier.


Baby shower price is right

Baby shower price is right is changing the past experiences that many people had baby showers.  Whereby you felt left out or even forced to engage in games that made you feel uncomfortable. Baby price is right helping you to avoid such situations. It helps you to identify price is right themes to organize a memorable baby shower. If you are planning for a baby shower, some of the tips presented in this baby shower price is right template will help you to make a fantastic price is right baby shower game.


How to Prepare the Price is Right Baby Shower Game

How to Prepare the Price is Right Baby Shower GameIt is essential to prepare this game early to avoid the last-minute rush. Early preparations will give ample time to make changes where necessary. The preparation will involve the following steps:

  • Step 1: Acquire price is right baby shower game template

Below is an image of how the price is right game template appears.

You can either purchase the price is right name tag template or make them from home.  If you do not have a lot of free time in your hands, you may purchase and the price is right download from Amazon game sheets.  It is selling a pack of 24 game sheets at $9.99.

The advantage of buying price is right baby shower game sheets is they are made from a durable material, which makes them a great keepsake for the expecting mum. The disadvantage of buying is that you may not find sheets that have listed the exact baby items you want on the list.

Baby shower price is right printable

The other option is to make them from home. Baby shower price is right printable can be made from home and then upload for people to download and give their tips on what to include in the party plans. You need to identify a baby shower’s Price is right game template online, edit the template, and print the number of desired copies. The number of baby shower price is right printable you are going to print depends on the number of invitees. The benefit of making baby shower price is right printable game yourself is that it is cheap, and you can edit the template to include the items you need on the list.

Prices is right game online

If you happen to edit price is right baby shower game template, ensure that you use the baby items’ known names. For instance, you should indicate “a pack of diapers” and not “a pack of Pampers diapers.” It prevents constraining yourself about the brand you need to purchase when you go to buy the items.

Free printable price is right baby shower game

There are many free printable price is right baby shower game that can make your work easier. Using this price is right themes prevents confusion during the game if you buy a different brand from the one you wrote on the game sheets.

Note: If the baby’s gender is unknown, you should be careful to purchase gender-neutral game sheets. If you fail to do so and you might end up buying game sheets with designs that imply a particular baby gender. If the gender of the unborn baby is known, you can purchase the gender-specific game sheets. The list should also contain everyday baby items, such as soap, oil, wipes, diapers, etc.

  • Step 2: Going shopping for Baby shower price is right printable

Once you have the price is right baby shower game template ready, the next thing is going shopping. You need to purchase every item on your list. Because there can be many items listed, you may consider buying them from an affordable store. They can be 10-20 items.

However, if you want the mum-to-be to use these products on the baby, you should purchase quality items. You should note down the price of every item you are buying. The sheet where you will note the prices is going to be the “answer key.” Alternatively, you may use the store’s receipt instead of taking the time to write down the costs.

Because the items’ prices are different in different stores, we recommend that you purchase all of them from one store. You should not buy a sale product. Also, ensure to purchase easily recognizable brands. It will make things easy for guests. Also, ensure to remove the price stickers and price tags after buying the items.

You will also purchase small gifts for the guests that win the game. There should be 3-4 gifts. These gifts can be candies, a mug, notebook, candles, or any other inexpensive items. The goal is to create a fun game, not to impress the guests with good gifts. Gifts such as a box of candy are good because the winners can share with others. It would help if you also bought enough pens for the guests to use during the game.

  • Step 3: Creating Price Reveal Card

Baby shower price is right printableAfter you are done with shopping, it is time to create cards that shall reveal every item’s during the price is right baby shower game. You may use the receipt from the to confirm the price of every item.

Once the two steps are completed, it’s game time!

The Rules of Playing Price is Right Baby Shower Game

        • Put the phones away– No participant should be allowed to use their phones when the game begins. It is a fun way to avoid cheating away during price is right baby shower game. Guests should not search for the price of the items online, which equals cheating. Also, it will not be fun if people are distracted trying to look up prices on Amazon.
        • Set a timer– This can be optional, but it prevents spending too much time on one item if you are displaying the items one by one to the guests. The guests should have at least a few minutes to think about each item’s price and write it down. The price is right baby shower game should be timed. Shorter price is right baby shower make the event interesting. If the items are displayed on the table, allow all the guests sufficient time to approach the table and fill their sheets. This will depend on the number of guests in the bridal shower.
        • Guests should play independently– the players should not discuss the prices during the game. Each should maintain their independence.

How to Play Baby Price is Right

First, you have to gather all the guests and inform them about the game they will be participating in. you should also tell them how the game is played and its rules. Ensure they understand before the fun can begin.

Price is right shower game starts by handing each guest a game sheet and a pen. These might be the sheets that you purchased from Amazon or those that you printed yourself. The sheet has the names of baby items and a black area where the guest should indicate what they think could be the item’s price.

You should then go ahead and display each item on the list randomly, one after the other. Announce the item’s name and allow the guests time to write down the items’ cost on the game sheet. Alternatively, you can display all the items on a table for all the guests to see. After they have completed writing on their game sheets, the price reveal cards you made shall become useful. You will also have your sheet indicating the total actual cost of all the items. You should ask the guest to add all the prices they have filled on the game sheet and come up with a total

As the planner, it is time to read out the actual price of the items written on the price reveal cards to the guests. The next thing is to identify the winners of the game. Depending on the number of gifts you purchased, you may give awards under the following categories:

            • The person with the most accurate price guess
            • The persons with the most inaccurate price guess
            • The guest with cost totals closest to the actual total amount
            • The guest with the most erroneous cost total

After identifying the winners, they should be awarded the gifts. The game is more fun when there are multiple winners. After the game, the baby items should be gifted to the mum-to-be.

Why Baby Shower Price is Right is the Best Game

        • It is fun for multiple people– It does not limit the number of people who can participate. Even if the shower has about 20 people, you have to make sure you have enough game sheets to give each person. Actually, the more the number of participants, the more fun the game becomes. The fact that all people are included, no one is bored during the baby shower.
        • It is easy to play– Complicated games can take all the fun away, and players might even get discouraged about playing. This is the reason that price is right is the best game for a baby shower. Whether you are a youngster or a person in their 40s, you can participate in this game.
        • It is comfortable for everyone – The popularity of this game is not only because it is fun and easy but because you will not have to make a fool out of yourself when playing it. We know there may be baby shower games out there that you have to smell faux dirty diapers, eat baby food, do other embarrassing activities. It is not the case with the price is right game. In this game, all you need is to guess prices, and you might even end up with a gift.

The Team Play Version of The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game

If you are the baby shower planner and operating on a budget, then the team play version is for you. Also, it is advisable, when the baby shower has many people in attendance, such that an individual game will be overly time-consuming and unreasonable. Organizing people into team will save a lot of time and make the game interesting.

In this version, the number of game sheets used is according to the number of playgroups you plan to have. In this case, you are most likely going to have fewer than ten groups. Therefore, you might consider printing the few game sheets yourself. Printing is cost-efficient because the Amazon pack contains about 24 game sheets, and because it is team play, only a few are needed, and the rest will go to waste. Therefore, making a few of them from the templates that are available online will reduce spending.

Just like the individual game, you have to buy the baby items on the list. As mentioned, when we explained the other version, they should be everyday baby items from recognizable brands. You also have to buy a few pens, one for each group. Since the plan is to save on cost, you should purchase gifts that the group members can share, such as a box of candy or chocolates.

Before the price is right game begins, you are going to divide the guests to form teams. You will then inform them about the game and its rules. Each group will be given one game sheet and a pen. For every baby item that you reveal, each group should guess the price and write it where its name appears on the list. Group play is different from the individual game to some extent. The people in a group are allowed to discuss among themselves, and they write down the price they agree on. At the end of the game, each team will write the total cost of the items.

The following are the recommended categories for awarding gifts:

                  • The group with the most accurate price guess for an item
                  • The group with the most inaccurate price guess
                  • The group with cost totals closest to the actual total amount.
                  • The group with the most erroneous cost total

Team play is also fun because none wants to be on the losing side.