how to save money

Knowing the best tips on how to save money is an essential requirement for any person who intends to achieve financial freedom. Things get tough later in life especially for work-from-home individuals who depend on online jobs to earn their living. No pension to substantiate your survival which makes things worse.

How to save money fast without any financial skills

How to save moneyTips on how to save money are a basic necessity for survival. People have commercialized everything, and since there is no batter trade anymore, everyone needs money to acquire essential things, saving money is a near impossible mission to many.

It is a common phrase everywhere where one will tell you that ‘I need money’ or ‘I wish I can earn extra cash.’  To the disadvantage, money is scare; hence, one source of cash is never enough. People have to look for extra revenue online and other platforms. To enhance the situation and to avoid being bankrupt, people need to employ some of the following methods that guide them on how to save money.

Setting financial goals

One of the simple means on how to save money is by setting personal financial goals. The smart financial goals will affect one’s desire to save money since one will focus on how to utilize the available cash to the expenditures.

Through setting financial goals, one can set saving goals and implement them through a systematic process. Just get online, look for these books, and give it a try.

If you are struggling to set financial goals, try find apps that will guide you on how to save money automatically. You key in your figures and plan your expenses and savings well. Anytime you make a transaction, the app automatically updates your figures and offers graphical representation that is easy to understand. When used well, such money saving apps can influence decision making since you can preview every activity instantly.


Getting free gift cards through sharing your opinion

It is simple as it sounds. You can earn extra cash through free gift cards for the famous retailers like eBay and Amazon through sharing your opinion. This is a strategy on how to save money that can save you from being bankrupt, especially for those in a monthly income system.

Most times, instead of spending much time on the phone, one can spend that time purposely through completing surveys and earn money. The earnings you get, you can save the cash or fill a gap created after saving without becoming bankrupt.

How to get free gift cards

Here is how simply it works; sign up in either of the following sites, and you will be notified through email whenever a survey is available.

Free gift cards

Head to these websites and companies to find your free gift card and learn few tips on how to save money:

Get refunded when a price drops

How many times have you purchased commodities or gadgets like phones online? Do you know that you can get a refund when the price of a purchased product drops?

There are free sites and smartphone applications that allow you to get your money back on price drops, which you are even not aware of aware about. Paribus is an example of such websites that provides such services and that is a sure way on how to save money.

Simply explained, the website works like getting after the fact price matching without you monitoring the purchases. Once you qualify for a refund, the site helps you to file a price adjustment claim.


Earn cashback on everything you buy online

Shopping online is the current trend for many nowadays. If you are among those who shop online, make sure that you utilize a cash-back site.

Most of these sites are free to join, and they allow one to earn about 20% one each of your online purchases. One can ask how they do so.

The sites split the referral fee with you for purchasing through their link. You do not pay extra cash for any commodity purchased on the link, but you get cash back for a product you were planning to spend. Some of the sites you can try with such services include Swagbucks and Rakuten.

Tracking your online expenses

Another saving strategy one can use to avoid being bankrupt is by keeping track of the online bills.  With the growth of online shops like Amazon, among other online stores, it is possible to make impulse buying.

Whenever you pay some of the expenses and bills online, it is possible to keep track of it through the cash envelop system. All one needs to do is note down all the payments on envelopes and ensure that you do not spend over your budget. The process is interesting and gives you a higher satisfaction whenever you realize you save money as you account for your spending.

Through this system, it is possible to maintain saving patterns since there is no misuse of cash.

Tips on how to save money by refinancing your student loans

Do you have a student loan? This write-up also serves your needs by offerings tips on how to save money while you rethink about it and how to refinance the loan. This is a strategy that can save you thousands of cash due to the interest accrued when repaying the student loan.

Refinancing student loans means that you are taking your existing loan and rolling it over into a new, single loan. One does this process to lower the interest rates you are paying. The lower interest rates save you money; hence, it helps you in planning.

One of the online websites that can help you on how to refinance loans is Lendkey. The site does not affect your credit score and does not charge one any fee. Here is the link to the site Lendkey

Use your savings to pay down high – interest debts

Debts with interests can be irritating, especially when they run for an extended period, which increases the interest amount. To save the increments due to their benefits, one can decide to offset such debts with personal savings.

It is cheaper to clear a mortgage within a short period than extending to run over a long period. It is true that money makes one feel secure, and people would be satisfied to have savings than to pay debts.

However, one can settle the debt and go on saving the interest, which one was to pay when the debt extended.

Start investing with Free Money

Investment is among the tips on how to save money that will help you earn extra cash since most of the investments are income-generating. How would it feel to save more money every month without noticing? It is possible with the investment plan, and online is here to help you.

For example, the Acorns application can help you make such a plan; the App rounds up one’s purchases to the nearest dollar and creates an automatic investment for an individual. For example, if you make purchases of 16.40, Acorns would set aside the 60 cents to invest.

The advantage of such sites is that they do not require anyone to have investment knowledge but does everything for the investor. Give it a try today through registering using this link Acorns

Save money by increasing your deductibles

We all have deductions on the money we get. When you need cash immediately, for example, there is that processing fee deducted. For the salaried people, there are deductions such as tax, insurance, among others. We feel when such inferences are made to our money.

What about when done for saving purposes? One can increase his/her deductions to include savings. For example, if increasing the deductibles on your home insurance will save you more than seven times, then you better have it is easier to have that cash deducted at such a stage for saving than getting the net pay and saving.

Have a chatbot to negotiate your bills

Think of your monthly bills. What if you arranged for a lower price for each of them. How much could you save per month? What about saving reduced cash per year? Negotiating your monthly bills can enable you to save hundreds of dollars per month with the amount accumulating more per year.

However, it is not easy for one to stand with a customer representative for more than 30 minutes negotiating on a price. Fortunately for people who get tired of negotiating, there is a rim financial manager. Trim is a chatbot that negotiates your cable, cell phone, and internet bills.

All you need to do is sign up on their site and link up your account, and they will do the rest for you. Use this link to register to chatbot Intercom

Use the Ibotta App for everyday purchases

Cash-back sites present on of the most interesting ways on how to save money since they allow one to get refunds after purchasing a product online. On the other hand, the Ibotta application allows one to get cash back for purchasing anything in the grocery store. This is advantageous for those who visit groceries frequently. The process is easy and involves the following steps;

                • Download the app using this link Home.ibotta
                • Before going to any grocery store to make purchases, browse the app to see the items that offer cash back.
                • After purchase, scan the items and take a picture of your receipt.
                • Cash will be deposited into your account in as little as few seconds.

One advantage of this app is that it offers a money-back on a massive list of items that one might regularly buy, and that is one way on how to save money. They include eggs, bread, milk, and other household staples.

Note, one can utilize many tips on how to save money depending on what works well. the proposed approaches are just but a few with many others provided by financial institutions. Also, we advice our readers to consult financial advisers since they will get better insights as compared to doing it on the apps privately. We all need money at different times, and we need to save for uncertainty since we do not know what the future holds for us. Many online assistance sites can help you save from as little as the extra cents when purchasing products online to having a percentage paid back in cash to every commodity you buy.